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14-15 May 2009, University College London
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All talks will take place in Maths 505.

Maths 505, Department of Mathematics, is best approached through the UCL union building, on the corner of Gordon Street and Gower Place.

Abstracts are available here.

Thursday, 14 May

1330-1400 Registration
1400-1530 Session 1 (Chair: James Barnard) Maths 505
John Omotani (Nottingham)
Taming the Boundaries
Johannes Schmude (Swansea)
The mathematics of string duals with backreacting, smeared flavor
Mitsuo Tsumagari (Nottingham)
1530-1600 Coffee
1600-1800 Session 2 (Chair: David Houseman) Maths 505
Paul Archer (Sussex)
The Little Hierarchy Problem in Warped Extra Dimensions
Alkistis Pourtsidou (Nottingham)
Cosmic (Super)strings
Luke Barclay (Durham)
Black Holes, Vortices and Thermodynamics
Erik Gerwick (Edinburgh)
Gravitational non-linearities and a UV Completion for Kaluza Klein effective theory
1900 Dinner

Friday, 15 May

0900-1030 Session 3 (Chair: John Omotani) Maths 505
Panagiotis Katsaroumpas (Queen Mary)
Growing Superamplitudes 'Organically'
Noppadol Mekareeya (Imperial College)
Brane Tilings, M2-Branes and Chern-Simons Theories
Neil Butcher (Nottingham)
Topological Changing Transitions
1030-1100 Coffee
1100-1230 Session 4 (Chair: James Barnard) Maths 505
Liam Keegan (Edinburgh)
Walking Technicolor on the Lattice
Jennifer Archibald (Durham)
Monte Carlo at NLO
Gavin Cullen (Edinburgh)
Massive integrals in NLO calculations
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 Session 5 (Chair: Paul Archer) Maths 505
David Houseman (UCL)
Spinor geometry: the natural language for gravity
Dylan Tanner (Kings)
A New Approach to String Cosmology
Ross Stanley (Swansea)
The Refractive Index of Curved Spacetime
1500-1530 Coffee
1530-1700 Session 6 (Chair: Erik Gerwick) Maths 505
Eoin Kerrane (Edinburgh)
The Spectrum of Non-Supersymmetric gauge theories with a non-trivial infra-red conformal fixed point
Andrew James Bruce (Manchester)
Higher Poisson Manifolds and higher Koszul-Schouten brackets
James Barnard (Durham)
Preserving Symmetries in Seiberg Dualities
1700 End

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