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Atlfast Validation Note

Validation note produced by the Atlfast Validation Task Force.

Atlfast Physics Summary

Atlas internal note written in 1998 by Elzbieta Richter-Was, Daniel Froidevaux and Luc Poggioli. Describes Atlfast physics and the studies undertaken to calibrate Atlfast with the full simulation at that time.


The Comparator is a tool being developed by Chris Collins-Tooth for comparing the outputs of the Atlas full and fast simulation. The Atlfast smearing parameters can then be tuned by minimising the difference between these outputs.

Doxygen Documentation

Doxygen is a tool that produces class documentation for you from the existing code. Select a release from the drop-down menu, click 'Select Release' and navigate to 'Simulation/Atlfast' from the links that appear at the side of the screen.

FastShower Validation Note

FastShower is a package containing fast parameterizations of electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeter showers that have been extracted from a full GEANT simulation of single particles in the ATLAS calorimeters.