Release 10.0.1

Brigitte Epp's new parameterisation for pion tracks in DC1 data added to jobOptions. New jobOption (TrackMaker.PionParamFile) added to to select between pre-TDR and DC1 pion track smearing.

Added McLocation parameter to GlobalEventDataMaker so that CBNT_Atlfast can find truth information in full reco events in release 10 (CBNT_Atlfast may therefore have problems locating truth in 10.0.0).

AtlfastB default tau-finding efficiency changed to 50% in standard jobOptions.

Release 9.3.0

TrackSmearer broken since the units change - fixed!

Release 9.0.0

Ks, Lambda0s not being decayed by generators but not directly included in Atlfast jets either, affecting jet quantites. Compensated by treating Ks, Lambda0s as stable.

Release 8.7.0

MuonSmearer functions to calculate resolutions updated to work properly after units change

Release 8.4.0

MC weights transferred to CBNT found to be incorrect - fixed

Release 8.2.0

Recovered StandardNtuple. AtlfastProtoJet maker not available.

Release 8.1.0

Atlfast aborts if PDGTABLE not found. Before it ran without table - but charged tracks were not bent in B field.

Release 8.0.0

TrackMaker now finds its runtime files. TrackMaker sdded to standard Atlfast sequence

Release 7.8.0

New code for finding runtime files. Not done for TrackMaker.

Release 7.7.0

Units change (MeV...). MC event weights copied to CBNT.

Release 7.6.0

Do not use. Modifications to accomodate change in units incomplete

Release 7.5.0

Code runs but has bugs,  job option files stored in AtlfastAlgs/share do not work

Release 7.0.2

Wrong AtlfastAlgs tag in Atlfast requirements, thus uses the old buggy AtlfastAlgs. You will need to checkout and build AtlfastAlgs-01-00-27 if you want ot use this release.

Release 7.1.0

Bug in Photon Smearing fixed

Release 7.0.1

Bug in Photon Smearing. This causes big problems in Photon Isolation and Jet reconstruction

Release 7.0.0

Bug in Photon Smearing. This causes big problems in Photon Isolation and Jet reconstruction

Release 6.6.0

Bug in Photon Smearing. This causes big problems in Photon Isolation and Jet reconstruction

Release 6.5.0

Bug in Photon Smearing. This causes big problems in Photon Isolation and Jet reconstruction

Release 6.4.0

The photon smearer was changed as it was found to be producing massive photons. This was a feature of the smearing rather than a bug. In the fortran version of Atlfast the 4 momentum of the vector was later recalculated to "throw" away the mass. This is now implemented in Athena-Atlfast.

Release 6.3.0

Changes to Atlfast::Cluster. Cluster now inherits from ICluster and KtCluster and IKtCluster have been introduced. Clusters are always stored as IClusterCollection. Visitors can be used to retrieve the original object.

KtClusterStrategy can now do sub-jet analysis. Look here for more information on this.

Changes were made to JetCalibrator for fast shower

Release 6.2.0

Added more FastShower code and jobOptions, see here for more details.

Release 6.1.0

First Release with gcc3.2

Release 6.0.3

Official Athens release.

Fixes to Herwig history in StandardNtuple

Added CBNT jobOptions and flags to switch off blocks in Atlfast CBNT, for example: CBNT_Atlfast.FillHistory = false;
AtlfastRunCBNT.txt jobOptions is given as an example on how to run CBNT_Atlfast on its own.

Release 6.0.1

Wrong tag of FastShowerUtils meant that Atlfast didn't build in this release. Doh!

Release 6.0.0

Added Fast Shower code. Select using CellMaker.FastShower = true;

Changed IAssociationManger to IAOO interface class. Introduced new Association structure.

Fixed a minor bug in PhotonSmearer.

Some resolutions are still reported to be different from those in the Fortran Atlfast. No differences can be found though! It is uncertain whether there is any "problem" with Athena-Atlfast. Feed-back would be welcome.

Release 5.3.0

Added CBNT_Atlfast

Fixed "Shared" and "Kt" Clustering Strategies

Introduced TwoCptCell into CellMaker. This Means that CellCollection is now DataVector<Atlfast::TwoCptCell*>

Default Luminosity set to low luminosity in AtlfastStandardOptions.txt

It has been reported that there may be a problem with the resolution of muon and photon smearing at low luminosity. No problem has been found yet. But investigations are continuing.

Release 5.2.0

Fixed bug in History particles in StandardNtupleMaker.

Added "Shared" Cone Strategy to ClusterMaker, however both this and "Kt" Clustering strategy do not work in this release.

Possible bugs in PhotonSmearer.

Possible bug in MissingMomentum.

Missing AtRndmGenSvc in AtlfastOptions.txt. To run using AtlfastOptions.txt need to add the following line

ApplicationMgr.ExtSvc += {"AtRndmGenSvc"};

Moved all Collection Definitions to AtlfastEvent/CollectionDefs.h and Made all collections DataVectors

Release 5.1.0

Bug in History particles in StandardNtupleMaker.

Fixed Bug in Muon Smearer.

Release 5.0.0

Bug in MuonSmearer