Nemo III analysis @ UCL


The data collected by the Nemo3 experiment are recorded at the CCIN2P3 in Lyon. The raw data have to be processed by the reconstruction program that adds to the raw data high level informations such as calibrations and tracks. The output of the reconstruction is stored in a PAW ntuple named "h10", which we convert in root format.

The reconstructed data are available for the collaboration to be copied. We also used the RootAna package for analysis. This package provides a comprensive set of tools for the reconstruction and analysis of double beta events.

This page provides link to any relevant information, please contant Stefano Torre for details

Data Locations
Raw Data The raw data are stored in CCIN2P3 in Lyon. To have access to the site, please contact Francois Mauger. Details on the location of the data can be found here .
Raw MC Data Several signal and background samples have been generated by Victor Tretyak and are described here .
Reconstructed Samples Reconstructed Data and MC samples can be found here .

Current (and suggested) version of the reconstructin is reco_ver_12 .

The data can be copied via wget using the link provided.

Software Tools
N3Db This is a wrapper for the Nemo3 DB. It needs to be installed in the system to access informations such as the run status and the status of photomultipliers. It is also used by RootAna. Deatiled instructions on how to compile and install it can be found here . This package is currently maintained by Yuri Shitov at Imperial.
RootAna This package has been first developed by Vladimir Vasiliev for the analysis of double beta decays. It allows to combine several signal and background samples, accounting for the different samples activities. It also contains the algorithms that are needed for the calculation of high level observables, such as Time Of Flight and Internal/External probabilities.

RootAna divides the analysis flow in well defined stages. The User's Manual provides all required information.

To install the RootAna proceed as follow.
mkdir MyRootAnaDir
cd MyRootAnaDir
cvs -d co -r rootana-2_0 rootana
cd rootana/
Edit the script to point the right places, in particular
you want to change:
export ROOTSYS=/usr/local/root-v5.26.00-gcc3.4 export R10SYS=${N3AROOT}/rootana export N3DB_ROOT=${N3AROOT}/N3Db To match your configuration. Then:
When it finish you have the core libraries of RootAna ready to be used and you just need to create your hown slim and ana working dirs as described in the Manual.

RootAna is currently maintained by Stefano Torre (torre at UCL).

Last update: March 22, 2011 by Stefano Torre (torre at UCL)