Disk resources @ UCL

Details of the resources available to the HEP group can be found here.

Each user is provided with 5GB of disk space in the home directory. The home area is backed up once per day.

Members of the group are STRONGLY ADVISED to keep any information that can not be easily reproduced in their home area. The quota can be extended by asking to support AT HEP.UCL.AC.UK.

New members of the group are encouraged to use version control tools to back up their code and documents. The HEP group has a CVS and SVN server. The content of the server is backed up. Instructions on how to ask for an account can be found here.

The HEP has large RAID systems to store large data sets. These disks are mounted in any machine in the group in the /unix folder. This disks are not backed up and should not be used to store data that can not be either reconstructed or copied from other sources.

The NEMO group has currently three data disks. Their size and position as of February 2017 is reported in the table below.

The table also gives a suggested use of each disk. This allocation is meant to reduce the amount of work needed to recover data in case of a system failure. Note that these are not current - for now, we suggest any large data or simulation should be saved to /unix/nemo2

Server Location Size Free@02/2017 Suggested use (not current)
nfs7 /unix/nemo1 13 TB 0.4 TB
  • Reconstructed data
  • Generated SuperNEMO samples
  • Commissioning data (a back up is needed somewhere else)

    The space allocated to this area can not be increased

  • nfs3 /unix/nemo2 20 TB 0.9 TB
  • Copy of RAW data from Lyon
  • Buffering for reconstruction

    The space allocated to this area can not be increased

  • nfs7 /unix/nemo3 7 TB 0.1 TB
  • User folders
  • Any set of data that can be reconstructed starting from the data contained in the other filesystems

    The space allocated to this area can be extended up to 14 TB

  • Last update: Feb 24, 2017 by Cheryl Patrick (c.patrick at UCL)