Downloading the Geant4 package


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NOTE: for the duration of this guide, replace “your_name” in any example directory with your username. You can find your username by clicking on the Linux menu button “System”. Next Preferences > About me. In the top-right hand corner your username will be written.

To install Geant4 you will need to download the Geant4 Linux package.

  1. Navigate to the website: Geant4 download and click Dowload for the option “GNU or Linux tar format, compressed using gzip”
  2. The standard download location is “/home/your_name/Downloads. You may have changed your download location so navigate to this folder.
  3. Right-click on the geant4.tar.gz file (the full name will contain the version of Geant4 e.g: geant4.10.00.01.tar.gz) and select Cut
  4. Navigate to the directory in which you wish to install the zip file and Paste it their.
  5. Right-click on the zipped file and click Extract here

The Geant4 unzipped folder

The unzipped folder contains several subdirectories. These folders are essentially the installation packages and files. You need not concern yourself at all with them; the command terminal will deal with them.

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