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If you are engaging in online marketing, you would know about the effectiveness of article marketing.

However, article marketing is difficulty.

It is hard to convince readers to buy your products and services with just one article.

You will never meet those readers in person. You do not have a chance to speak to them and answer all their questions.

The only way you can share your expertise is by article writing.

That is why you must use the marketing segmentation strategy for article marketing. You have to define the market before you write a single word.

There are a few steps in marketing segmentation for article marketing purpose.

1. Define your market

You cannot sell a product to everyone. You need to define the market. This is the first and most important step in marketing segmentation.

If you are selling a premium weight loss product, you do not target the readers from most part of Africa and Asia.

They are not likely to buy the premium weight loss product that cost a few hundred dollars in US currency.

You have to target the market in North America and Europe.

Even then you do not expect to sell the products to the students. They are unlikely to have the financial means to buy such an experience package.

2. Subdivide the board market

You will notice that the market segmentation strategy requires you to split a board market into a few sub market.

When you have decided on the working population in North America and Europe who want to lose weight, you can subdivide them into geographical location.

The people in Europe may have a certain preference for a brand or a particular taste.

The people in North America may have another preference.

Even within the same brand, there are different products that suit different persons.

For example, some people like meal replacement bars. Some people like meal replacement shake. Some people prefer slimming tea.

Even though all these are products under the same premium brand, you need to write different articles to sell a particular product to a niche market.

You have to write a few articles about meal replacement bars for those who love to eat the bars. You have to write another set of articles for those who like slimming tea.

3. Use the language that the people use

You have to understand the targeted market well enough to use the language that they used.

Some people hate the word dieting. It conveys a negative image. Some people like the word weight management program, since it sounds grander.

Some people who are competitive like the term weight loss challenge. They like challenge, and see weight loss challenge as the ultimate challenge in life.

That is the whole purpose of market segmentation.

Market segmentation strategy allows you to identify the broad market, and then identify the smaller niche markets within the board market.

Market segmentation allows you to understand a particular niche market, to the point where you can understand how they think and how they feel. Once you know the market well, you can speak to them in the same language.

Market segmentation ensures the success of article marketing. When you know that most of the readers who read your articles belong to your defined market, you will have a higher chance of success.

This shows that the concept of marketing segmentation is not just a divorce lawyer joliet il (visit the next website page) dead knowledge in the textbook. It has the same practical value for online and offline marketers.

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