Updating Geant4


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Occasionally CERN will release patches or updates for Geant4. To update your version of Geant4 you will need root-access (using command “su”).

Before carrying out this process PLEASE make sure that you back-up any work that you have saved in the Geant4-build or Geant4-install directories.

1. Open a command terminal and log in as root user. Type “su” followed by your password when prompted

2. Change the present working directory to the Geant4-build directory using the command:

cd /home/your_name/Desktop/Geant4-build

3. Type the command:

make uninstall

4. When this is done you will need to delete the folders Geant4-install and Geant4-build. To do this change your present working directory to the Desktop using the command


5. Now type the following command to delete the Geant4-build folder:

rm –rf Geant4-build

6. When this is finished type the following command to delete the Geant4-install folder:

rm –rf Geant4-install

7. Type the command exit to quit root-user mode

8. Now download the updated version of Geant4 and install it as directed by pp. 4-5 (using cmake –DCMAKE…..)

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