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This is a tutorial about applications of GEANT4 to medical physics. The GEANT4 is installed on the HEP Linux cluster at UCL. You will need an account on that cluster to be able to use this software, run example tutorials and create your own applications.

Accounts and Registration

  • Getting a computing account

Apply for a computing account on the HEP Linux cluster by sending e-mail to HEPComputingSupport. In your e-mail you have to state the reason for your application (e.g. medical physics student who will use GEANT4 on the HEP cluster).

You will receive an e-mail from the HEP computing support with your username and password. Now you can log in to the HEP cluster “plus1” via ssh Your personal area will be at /home/username/.

  • Where to get help

You can write to the discussion forum. Useful help links.

The basics of GEANT4

GEANT4 is a toolkit for simulating the passage of particles through matter. The user creates his/her own simulation application using GEANT4 tools. The tools are base classes. There are eight base classes.

  • Three classes are mandatory
Describe the experimental setup, geometry and materials
Define particles, physics processes and range cuts
Describe particle source, source dimensions, initial position, energy spectrum, angular distributions
  • The rest are optional
Define and store histograms
Event selection and analysis of simulation data
Customize priority of tracks
Decide whether a trajectory should be stored or not
Kill, suspend, postpone a track

You can create your own classes which are derived from the base classes. All of them should be registered with the G4RunManager. In function main() which is the skeleton of your simulation code you instantiate G4RunManager and notify it of your mandatory and optional classes.

Basic tutorials

This section includes several basic tutorials:

Advanced tutorials

This section includes several advanced tutorials:

Installing GEANT4 locally

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