Several proton beams with spread out Bragg peaks


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This tutorial is based on the Monoenergetic proton pencil beam example.

How to run the tutorial

Connect to the HEP cluster and create folder ProtonSBFolder in your area
ssh -X's password: type your password here

[username@plus1 ~]$ mkdir ProtonSBFolder 

[username@plus1 ~]$ cd ProtonSBFolder  
Setup your environment
[username@plus1 PhotonSBFolder]$ source /unix/pbt/software/dev/bin/  
Copy the code to your working directory and rename it
[username@plus1 PhotonSBFolder]$ cp -r /unix/pbt/tutorials/basic/ProtonSB .
[username@plus1 PhotonSBFolder]$ mv ProtonSB ProtonSB_source
Inside /home/username/ProtonSBFolder/ create a directory
[username@plus1 PhotonSBFolder]$ mkdir ProtonSB_build  
To compile the code enter this directory and run cmake and make
[username@plus1 PhotonSBFolder]$ cd ProtonSB_build 

[username@plus1 ProtonSB_build]$ cmake -DGeant4_DIR=/unix/pbt/software/dev /home/username/ProtonSBFolder/ProtonSB_source 

[username@plus1 ProtonSB_build]$ make  
Run macro proton.mac with several beam energies.
[username@plus1 ProtonSB_build]$ ./protonSB proton.mac

How to analyze data

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