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! style="text-align: center;" | Date
! style="text-align: center;" | Date
! style="text-align: center;" | Event
! style="text-align: center;" | Event
| style="text-align: center;" | 11/02
| style="text-align: center;" | UCL PhD Interview
| style="text-align: center;" | 12/02
| style="text-align: center;" | Imperial PhD Interview
| style="text-align: center;" | 22/03  
| style="text-align: center;" | 22/03  

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Electronic Log for Saad Shaikh


To Do

High Priority

  • Re-attempt LeCroy scope dead-time measurements.
  • Second Birmingham Experiment.
  • Final report.
    • Plot x-scale factors against normalised y-scale factors.
    • Plot peak energy against thickness of PMMA.


  • Literature review.
  • First Birmingham experimental run.
  • Wrote code to load and plot Caen digitiser data in histograms.
  • Overhauled LeCroy data analysis routines: (short region) double baseline sigma testing, dynamic integration window allocation, empty acquisition checks.
  • Wrote code to scale and plot LeCroy & Caen data onto single plot, using approximate x and y-scale factors.
  • Wrote code to load and plot PRaVDA data in 2D histograms.
  • Wrote code to correlate tracker and calorimeter measurements, to produce a list of events with X, Y, E coordinates.
  • Wrote code to plot matched events into various 3D histograms: XY, XE, YE.
  • Progress report.
  • Progress interview.
  • Improved LeCroy & Caen matching by finding x-scale factor through chi-square minimisation.
  • All runs from first Birmingham put through matching algorithm. Energy spectra, 2D tracker histograms, and 3D XY, XE & YE histograms plotted for all runs (187 plots).
  • Wrote code to plot 3D XY histograms, but with the height of bars being the average energy in the bin.
  • Improved LeCroy & Caen matching by finding y-scale factor through chi-square minimisation or through peak event counting. Peak event counting method best.
  • Converted energy to range in XYE histogram.
  • Plotted 2D number density histogram alongside 3D XYRange histogram.
  • Produced poster for PPRIG 2019 of experiment with single-module calorimeter and PRaVDA tracker.
  • Attended PPRIG 2019.

Dates 2019

Date Event
22/03 Final Report Deadline
03/06-07/06 MSci Presentation Week
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