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Electronic Log for Simon Jolly


To Do

Documents To Review

  • AWAKE spectrometer paper
  • Quenched Bragg curve paper
  • Patent application
  • MSci literature reports
  • MSc progress reports


  • Contact Cosylab about funding options.
  • Check with Institute of Making about cutting scintillator blocks; maybe order skip-tooth 3TPI bandsaw blade.
  • Arrange travel for OMA school at Medustron.
  • Arrange trip to Australia.
  • Organise next Heidelberg visit
  • Update UCL IRIS profile


  • References for Jonathan Xue.
  • Arrange visit to Clatterbridge for Ohie to check dimensions.
  • Mark MSci Literature Reviews
  • Mark MSci Progress Reports



February 2019

  • OMA Deliverable Report: reviewed and sent back to Laurent to send on to Samantha Colosimo.

January 2019

  • Contacted TI, signed NDA, obtained all documentation for DDC1128 and EVM.
  • Met with Izzat Darwazeh to discuss photodiode operation.
  • Delivered scintillator blocks to Birmingham University for Radiotherapy dosimetry: Ross Longmore will visit UCL to try some experimental cutting of scintillator blocks with Derek Attree.
  • Design new multi-use patch panel for enclosures.
  • Send CAD model of analogue patch panel for machining.
  • Register for PTCOG 58 in Manchester:
    • Arrange accommodation for group.
  • Submit expense claims.


January 2019

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