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This page contains information on the analysis code for the QuARC detector data.

Image Analysis

Details on how to process images taken by the ISDI CMOS Sensor to recover the average light output in each scintillator sheet.

  • First, the 21 images taken by the CMOS sensor must be corrected for non-linearity effects in the photon-electron conversion. The MATLAB script linear_corr_tiff.m does this.
    • The correct full-well mode must be selected in the script, typically high full-well is chosen for its superior linearity.
    • The script loops over each pixel in the 21 images and applies a correction using cubic interpolation of the linearity data (linearity_high.txt). A corrected version of each image is saved.
  • The 21 corrected images are then averaged using, which outputs a single image.
    • On MacOS, this may require ImageMagick, which can be installed with MacPorts: sudo port install ImageMagick
  • To apply background subtraction and corrections for non-linearity in scintillator light output, the MATLAB script edit_runs.m is run.
    • This requires a corrected/averaged background and shoot-through measurements (front and/or back).

Photodiode Data Processing

Details on how to process hexadecimal data from the DDC232 to recover the charge in each photodiode.

Bragg Fit

Details on how to fit data with the quenched Bragg model to recover the range.

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