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Install EPIX sotware on Windows

Useful links

Software Installation Instructions

  • Sotware installation (grphic card not connected)
    • from Downloads (, download the PIXCI® V3.8 Software, 64 bit app for Windows 64-Bit1 (file name: xcapwin64.exe)
    • double click on the file to start the softwre installation
    • the softwre will install all the drivers needed for the graphic card installation
    • error message: drivers pre-installation failed. But the sotware is installed
    • open XCAP to agree the license
    • enter the Software ID and Submit
    • the submitted ID should allow the software setup: XCAP-Lite -> OK
    • software installation completed
    • at this point you should have the error "Driver not installed or frame grabber not installed"
  • once the Software installation is complete power down the computer and install the PIXCI frame grabber.
  • OR restart Winsows and plug-in the frame grabber via thunderbolt 3 connection
    • from the Device Manager you should see the Immaging device PIXCI(R), but with an esclamation mark.
    • open File Explorer -> Program Files -> EPIX -> XCAP -> drivers -> Win10x64 -> right click the file epixxcw6 and manually install the driver
    • on Device Manager -> right-click Immaging device -> Update Drivers ->Browse my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer -> select the driver from the list (PIXCI E8 ..., the one digitally signed!)
    • "Windows has finished installing the drivers"
    • the application could ask you to restart windows. If not, restart.
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