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Local Installation on MacOS

Correct for MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

  • Install Xcode from the Mac App Store. (Note: If using an older version of MacOS, previous versions of Xcode can be found here: [1]
  • Enable command line tools for Xcode using the terminal command: xcode-select --install.
  • Download and run the ROOT dmg from CERN: [2]
  • Navigate to your user folder in Finder, use CMD+SHIFT+. to show hidden files, one of which will be .bash_profile.
  • Edit the text file by adding the line: . <pathname>/root/bin/ (where <pathname> is the directory that leads to the folder ROOT is installed in, noting that the folder root typically has a version number attached to it)
  • If your .bash_profile is locked, add permissions by selecting “Get Info” and unlocking the file/giving yourself read and write privileges.
  • You can now run ROOT in terminal by typing root.

Using ROOT in Eclipse IDE

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