Particle experiment: Searches for Dark Matter with the LZ experiment

Supervisor: Dr Jim Dobson

The race is on to make the first direct detection of the Dark Matter (DM) that accounts for 85% of the mass of the Universe. Soon to take the lead is the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment, the flagship US/UK DM project that will be the largest and most advanced direct detection instrument ever built. After many years of design and construction the LZ detector is now nearing completion and it will soon be transported to its new home, a mile underground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), South Dakota, USA. You will join the UCL DM group just as LZ is taking and analysing its first dark matter search data and the PhD is ideally timed to span the subsequent physics run that will explore significant new parameter space towards discovery of WIMP dark matter or galactic signatures of physics beyond the standard model. The UCL DM group has expertise and leadership in low-background radioassay techniques, background model building and analysis and statistical interpretation of dark matter search data. In addition to LZ data analysis the PhD will include extended trips to SURF to help run and tune the detector as well as R&D work (in particular development of radioassay techniques) towards design of the next Generation-3 direction detection experiment.

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