Particle theory: PanScale project

Supervisor: Dr Keith Hamilton

Parton shower simulations are the most widely used theoretical tools in particle physics. Every LHC analysis, for example, heavily relies on their predictions. The PanScales project aims to provide the most accurate parton shower simulations to date, increasing their theoretical precision by up to an order of magnitude. UCL is a core and fully committed member of the PanScales team. The range of potential topics to study during a PhD on this project is fairly broad, from novel phenomenological studies, (including machine learning techniques), to more formal QCD resummation theory and MC algorithm development. Such studies cover a range of activity, taking in conceptual theoretical work, computer-based symbolic calculation, C++, HPC, and novel high-precision numerics. Details of the PhD will, of course, be adapted to students' aptitudes and interests within the scope of the project.

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