Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture 2017

                    Cosmology beyond the standard model
                                        Prof. Subir Sarkar

                                4:00pm on Wednesday March 22nd 2017

The `standard' model of cosmology is founded on the basis that the expansion rate of the universe is accelerating at present - as was inferred from the Hubble diagram of Type la supernovae. There exists now a much bigger database of supernovae so we can perform rigorous statistical tests to check whether these `standardisable candles' indeed indicate cosmic acceleration. Surprisingly we find that the data are still consistent with a constant rate of expansion. This motivates discussion of the foundations of the standard model, in particular whether dark energy really exists.

This year's Spreadbury Lecture will be given by Prof. Subir Sarkar from Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford, and the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen.

The lecture will take place in the Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre at 4:00pm on Wednesday March 22nd 2017. The lecture theatre can be accessed from the entrance to the UCL Union in Gower Court, off Gower Place.

All students are welcome and the lecture will be accessible to undergraduates studying either physics or astrophysics. The event is co-sponsored by the UCL Physics Society.

Following the lecture, refreshments will be served in E3/E7 in the Department of Physics and Astonomy and anyone attending the lecture is most welcome.