Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture 2016

                    Black Holes: Science fact, fiction or fantasy ?
                                        Prof. Chris Done

                                4:00pm on Wednesday March 9th 2016

Black holes are a key plot device in science fiction and fantasy: wormholes through space and time ! In this lecture I'll separate out the fact from the fiction, and talk about how black holes went from a speculative extension of Einstein's gravity to a mainstream observational science via the development of rockets at the start of the space age.

This years Spreadbury Lecture will be given by Prof. Chris Done from Centre for extragalactic astronomy at the University of Durham.

The lecture will take place in the Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre at 4:00pm on Wednesday March 9 2016. The lecture theater can be assesed from the entrance to the UCL Union in Gower Court, off Gower Place.

All students are welcome and the lecture will be accessible to undergraduates studying either physics or astrophysics. The event is co-sponsored by the Physics and Astronomy Event Horizon Society.

Following the lecture, refreshments will be served in E3/E7 in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and anyone attending the lecture is most welcome.