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Talks at Workshops and Conferences

Underlying Event New Event Generators for Particle Physics Experiments, 4-6 Jan, Dresden.
QCD at Colliders Lepton Photon 2005, 29 June 2005, Uppsala.
Modelling underlying and minimum bias events ATLAS week, 22 June 2004, CERN.
QCD at the LHC and the implications of HERA DIS04, April 2004 Strbske Plese, Slovakia
JetWeb Talks
Summary of Hadronic Final States Group DIS03, 23-27 April 2003 St.Petersburg, Russia.
Physics Implications of HERA data for the LHC ATLAS Standard Model group, 9 Oct 2002.
What HERA data can tell us about Models for the LHC ATLAS Monte Carlo group, 7 Oct 2002.
HERA (P)review Workshop on TeV Scale Physics, 18-21 July 2002 Cambridge, UK.
Underlying Events Snowmass 2001
Photoproduction of Jets ICHEP 2000, Osaka.
QCD: How we can help each other UK Phenomenology Workshop on Collider Physics, 19 - 24 September 1999, St John's College, Durham, UK.
Photon Structure Lepton-Photon 99, 18/8/99, Stanford Univ., USA.
Charm `in' the Photon Lund Two-Photon Workshop, 10-13/9/98, Lund, Sweden.
R Parity Violation DESY/ECFA Linear Collider Workshop, 28/6/98, Lund, Sweden.
Jet Production HERA Monte Carlo Workshop, 27/4/98, DESY, Hamburg.
Experimental status of High x and Q2 at HERA 17/12/97, Theory Christmas meeting, RAL, UK.
Jet Production at HERA 16/10/97, International Workshop on HERA Physics, KODEL, Seoul, Korea.
HERA, Jets and the Forward Energy excess 29/9/97, Day Workshop on ZEUS multijet physics, Oxford, UK.
Polarised Jet Photoproduction 30/8/97, 1997 Workshop on physics with polarized protons at HERA, Zeuthen, Berlin.
Photoproduction of Jets 27/5/97, 1997 Ringberg Workshop on New Trends in Physics at HERA
Workshop on Future Physics at HERA:Jets and High PT Phenomena 6/5/96
`Charm-tagged jets in Photoproduction'. Transparencies: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
HERA workshop: Heavy Flavours 24/4/96.
Madison Phenomenology Symposium 1-3/4/96. `HERA Physics'. Transparencies: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Future Physics at HERA (Workshop Sept. 95 to May 96) Jets and High PT Phenomena group: Photoproduction (ZEUS+H1),
25/9/95 Jet Definition and recombination schemes, 7/12/95
Durham workshop ``Proton, Photon and Pomeron Structure'' St. Johns College, Durham, UK. 17th-23rd September 1995. Parallel session talks on ZEUS jet photoproduction, multiple interactions, and high-t diffraction.
ZEUS photoproduction. LEP 2 gamma-gamma working group, CERN, Switzerland, 21/4/95,
Plenary sessions on ZEUS photoproduction and on multiple interactions at LEP and HERA. Photon 95, Sheffield, UK, 8/4/95,
TRISTAN Physics at High Luminosities, KEK, Japan, 16/11/94, Plenary session: `Photon Structure as seen at HERA'.
UK HEP Forum, DRAL, UK, 25/9/94, Plenary session on ZEUS photoproduction.
Workshop on Two-Photon Physics at LEP and HERA, Lund, Sweden, 26/5/94, Plenary session on multiple interactions.
QCD at HERA, Durham, UK, March 1993, Summary talk for day 4.
International Workshop on DIS and Related Subjects, Eilat, Israel, 6/2/94, parallel session, on ZEUS photoproduction.
UK Institute of Physics, April 1992, Lancaster, UK, SUSY at HERA.

Recent Seminars and Colloquia

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