STFC issued a number of press releases on their website on Thursday 7th February (see ) following the meeting of their Council on 28th and 29th January. Careful reading of these reveals little that is new. The Council have acknowledged the impact its decisions would have, and that there was excellent science that it would not be able to accommodate in its plan, implicitly recognising that the protests have real substance - damage has been, and will be, done. We are still concerned that the Council seems to care more about presentation than the impact upon the careers of the people involved, who will see their research cancelled or curtailed, and the loss of UK leadership in several areas. There are indications in these Press Releases that Wakeham and McKillop reviews will be brought forward and their terms of reference will be widened to address the current STFC crisis. If so, this could go some way towards addressing the concerns of the community in the short term, although we are still extremely worried about the impact of parts of the STFC delivery plan that have already been implemented. The partial suspension of further cuts is noted.