With reference to the article "Jodrell Bank to close because scientists voted for own plans" March 12) , we are convinced that our colleagues on the Science and Technology Research Council's PPAN committee have acted in good faith in their recent Programmatic Review. While some of their conclusions clearly need further debate, the main problem is that Review has taken place in the wake of the financial crisis enveloping the STFC, exacerbated by weak and inadequate management and a flawed peer-review structure, resulting from the ill-advised haste with which the two progenitor research councils were merged.

Professor Phil Allport, University of Liverpool
Professor Brian Cox , University of Manchester
Professor Brian Foster, University of Oxford
Professor Michael Green, Royal Holloway University of London
Dr Mark Lancaster, University College London
Professor Ken Peach, John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science
Professor James Stirling, University of Durham