Atlantis/JiveXML visualisation announcements
Last updated on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - 10:43

Demo mode looping over events on URL (2008-07-23)

AtlantisJava-09-10-13 Demo mode loops over event files stored at web server. One of the event files URL needs to be put into Demo mode dialog, Atlantis starts looping from this file indefinitely over the whole URL directory.
ATLAS Point 1 events stored in the ATLAS Control Room:


Java v1.4 support dropped (2007-11-29)

From Atlantis tag AtlantisJava-09-09-15, the Java version 1.4 is no longer supported. Currently both Sun Java versions 1.5 and 1.6 are supported. The default Java in the Athena environment is1.5. On your local machine, you will find the version of Java installed
by java -version


Atlantis - CTB 2004 support discontinued (2007-06-21)

From AtlantisJava-09-07-43 Atlantis no longer supports CTB 2004 (Combined Test Beam) geometry. Until this tag, the test beam data can be viewed in Atlantis with no problem.


Atlantis - new features in AtlantisJava-09-06-88 revision (2007-04-02)

  • TileCal - plotting real pulse shapes plots
  • Split binning for summed endcaps
  • Muon CSC display improved
  • EventView - Composite particle changes


The mailing list will be discontinued. (2007-03-2x) Please send questions, report problems or give us your feedback at the hypernews forum (to which you can also subscribe, of course!).


Atlantis tutorial in CERN (room 304-1-001 B) (2007-03-22)

Schedule of the tutorial is:

  • Introduction (20min)
  • Basic features (25min)
  • Basic features - hands on (45min)
  • Coffee break (20min)
  • Demo, online mode (20min)
  • Advanced features (45min)
  • Advanced features - hands on (55min)

The participants who intend to use their laptops are requested to have Java installed (see documentation for instructions). Nothing else is necessary. The features useful for data quality monitoring will be covered.

Atlantis fails to load user's configuration file (2007-03-07)

If Atlantis fails to start giving an error message similar to this:

Reading the configuration...
Using configuration file: $HOME/.Atlantis-config.xml
Exception in thread "main"
java.lang.Error: Cannot find parameter LegoPlot:Scale
at Atlantis.parameters.APar.get(Unknown Source)
It means that your Atlantis configuration file is obsolete for the newer version of Atlantis you are trying to run and you need to get rid of the old configuration file $HOME/.Atlantis-config.xml

Atlantis - new features in AtlantisJava-09-06-76 revision (2007-03-02)

  • option to display only outlines of the detectors
  • connection with EventView, CompositeParticle datatype in Atlantis
  • summed calo endcaps, improvements of LAr and HEC endcap layer views, modified zoom endcaps in Rubberband
  • improvements to the demo mode
  • bug fixes (calo histograms, muon segments, etc)

Running Atlantis on SLC4 64bit lxplus machines (2007-02-08)

Atlantis fails with following error message:
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine
This problem was fixed in AtlantisJava-09-06-65 and the users running Atlantis from AFS should use this command: java -Xms64m -Xmx256m -jar atlantis.jar

Atlantis - new features in AtlantisJava-09-06-50 revision (2007-01-16)

  • Cluster and/or Track association with AOD Electron, Muon, Photon and TauJet displayed via 'Show Association'
  • ESD Jet and AOD ParticleJet drawn the same way now
  • FULL SCREEN mode for demostration running
  • Segments and Tracks split into Muon and Inner detector datatypes
  • a few bugfixes, details in the ChangeLog

Atlantis - new features in AtlantisJava-09-06-33 revision (2006-11-30)

  • LAr endcaps and HEC displayed in the XY projection and φ/ρ projection
  • TileCal PMT gain parameters displayed
  • LVL1 displayed in the Lego plot
  • Animated events
  • bug fixes (cosmic tracks, STC endcap rotation, track - pixel hits association, etc)
  • new event archives added

Atlantis - new features in AtlantisJava-09-06-15 revision (2006-11-09)

  • higher resolution of canvas plots (File -> Save Canvas)
  • plotting ADC count pulse shapes for TileCal and LAr (for TileCal ready in CaloJiveXML-00-00-02)
  • improvements to demo mode
  • displaying Calo Clusters
  • smooth polyline tracks
  • AOD datatypes displayed in φ/ρ projection

Atlantis - increasing memory limit

Users experiencing Java OutOfMemory error when reading in larger (>7MB) XML event files, especially in the online mode, should run Atlantis as follows:

java -Xmx128m -jar atlantis.jar
This increases memory available for Atlantis from default 64MB to 128MB.

Atlantis - running on MacOSX 10.4 (Tiger) (2006-10-24)

Before AtlantisJava-09-05-96, Atlantis used to suffer considerable performance reduction on Tiger. The issue was solved in AtlantisJava-09-05-96. When working with Atlantis versions below AtlantisJava-09-05-96, use following option, which disables MacOS internal rendering:

java -jar atlantis.jar


JiveXML - status in the release 12.0.3

Previously monolithic package JiveXML was split into a number independent packages. See the JiveXML section.