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Last updated on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 13:11

Atlantis team contact

There is a dedicated HyperNews forum for Atlantis:

This is the most efficient way to ask questions or give your feedback to the atlantis developers.


Bug report

If you are running into problems using Atlantis or JiveXML, please first a have look at the above mentioned email forum - it may have been reported (or even dealt with) already. If you are sure the problem has not been reported before, please submit a new ticket (for both JiveXML related issues on the Athena side or Atlantis related issues). Please ensure that

  • the subject of the ticket is as descriptive as possible, rather than just stating "Atlantis", this helps us tracking previous issues for future reference
  • select the proper version of AtlantisJava or Athena release you are experiencing a problem with (e.g. "09-10-XX" for AtlantisJava-09-05-88)
  • include the version of the specific release and tags if your are not using a base Athena release
  • for Atlantis based problems, we might need to work with your particular event file, please don't attach those to your email as they are sometimes several MB large, but put them somewhere to a web area or to a publicly accessible directory (e.g. lxplus public directory) and point us out to it
  • you might find it helpful to attach an Atlantis canvas plots to describe the problem. There is a size limit of 20kB for attachments, so we suggest you use PNG-files.


Who we are - Atlantis visualisation project developers

Current developers

  • Eric Jansen (UCL) - current development (JiveXML/AtlantisJava) and Control Room support
  • Nikos Konstantinidis (UCL) - (JiveXML, project coordination)
  • Benedict Waugh (UCL) - current development (AtlantisJava) and project coordination
  • Rebecca Falla (UCL) - current development (AtlantisJava)
  • Javier Murillo (Birmingham) - current development (AtlantisJava)
  • Juergen Thomas (Birmingham) - current development (JiveXML)
  • Peter Watkins (Birmingham) - (design, outreach, project coordination)
  • Peter Klok (Nijmegen) - documentation, website, picture database


Former developers

  • Hans Drevermann (CERN) - original ideas, developer of the Fortran version
  • Gary Taylor (UC Santa Cruz) - principal developer of the Java version
  • Dumitru Petrusca (Siegen/CERN) - initial work on user interface, interactions, calorimeters
  • Charles A. Loomis (LAL/Orsey)
  • Frans Crijns (Nijmegen) - muon geometry from AGDB
  • Jon Couchman (UCL) - JiveXML development
  • Andrew Haas (SLAC) - initial lego plot development
  • Janice Drohan (UCL) - Atlantis/JiveXML development
  • Qiang Lu (Birmingham) - development (AtlantisJava)
  • Adam Davison (UCL) - development (AtlantisJava)
  • Charles Timmermans (Nijmegen) - development (AtlantisJava)
  • Mark Stockton (Birmingham) - development (AtlantisJava)
  • Sebastian Boeser (UCL) - development (JiveXML/AtlantisJava) and Control Room support
  • Zdenek Maxa (UCL) - development (AtlantisJava)
  • Thomas McLaughlan (Birmingham) - development (AtlantisJava)
  • Stephen Bieniek (UCL) - development (AtlantisJava)