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About Atlantis visualisation
Last updated on Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 16:58

The website for the Atlantis project has been relocated to The information on this website is no longer maintained and might be out of date. Please proceed to the new website for the most recent version of the program and documentation.

Atlantis is an event display for the ATLAS experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.

See the latest ATLAS events as displayed by Atlantis on the ATLAS Live web page.

The primary goals of the program are the visual investigation and the understanding of the physics of complete events. Secondary goals are to help develop reconstruction and analysis algorithms, to facilitate debugging during commisioning and to provided a tool for creating pictures and animations for publications, presentations and exhibitions.

Atlantis is based on the ALEPH event display DALI.

Atlantis is written entirely in Java. JiveXML (event converter) is C++ interface between Atlantis and the Athena ATLAS offline SW framework.

Atlantis event visualisation is fast, interactive and intuitive application allowing study of complete ATLAS events.


Accessing live events from ATLAS Point 1

  1. Start Atlantis display right from your web browser via Java WebStart here
  2. In Atlantis, open the Demo dialog (top of the GUI window) and click the Start button ...



  • The MINERVA project usesĀ a specific configuration to use Atlantis forĀ outreach
  • Visit the MINERVA webpage to be guided through the project
  • Also see the news to find out about its use to date