Install and run
Last updated on Monday, September 2, 2013 - 14:32

Atlantis installation and run instructions

Atlantis event display is a part of the ATLAS SW releases under graphics project. However, Atlantis doesn't depend on any other ATLAS package, Atlantis only requires Java (v1.7, also called 'Version 7', or higher) which can be freely obtained here.

Once you have managed to download Atlantis distribution tarball and unpack it on your machine, Atlantis is effectively installed. Running Atlantis is similarly straightforward.

Don't forget to check the Atlantis Anouncements if you are having trouble running Atlantis. 

Run Atlantis

The best performance is achieved when running Atlantis on your local machine. It's possible to run the application remotely from, for instance, an lxplus node but it's very slow even on a fast connection.

Atlantis, being a Java application, is compatible with the three major OS platforms: Linux, Mac and MS-Windows.

  • once you unpack the distribution tarball, change to the Atlantis directory and run java -jar atlantis.jar
  • running in the Athena enviroment (running locally is recommended):
    • source AthenaRuntime set up script first
    • run atlantis which is an executable for starting Atlantis within an ATLAS SW release

MS-Windows users may want to associate .jar files with javaw program so that Atlantis starts after double-click the atlantis.jar file.


Compile Atlantis

Should you need to compile the last (or a particular) revision of Atlantis from Subversion, the procedures are as follows. More general information on using Subversion can be found on
the CERN Svn "how to" page.

  • Compiling the AtlantisJava package in the Athena enviroment:
    • set up the Athena environment (source cmt home
    • cmt co graphics/AtlantisJava
    • cd graphics/AtlantisJava/cmt
    • source
    • gmake
    • in order to run locally, copy the contents of the working directory and and run the file atlantis.jar as advised in the Run Atlantis section above
  • Compiling the AtlantisJava package using ANT:
    • You will need to have both ant and ant-contrib installed, and the ant-contrib jar file in your CLASSPATH. e.g. on lxplus:
      • export PATH=$PATH:/afs/
      • export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/afs/
    • Check out the required version of the code:
      • To get the latest development version:
        svn checkout svn+ssh://<YOUR_CERN_USERNAME>
      • To list available tagged versions:
        svn ls svn+ssh://<YOUR_CERN_USERNAME>
      • To check out a specific version, e.g.
        svn checkout svn+ssh://<YOUR_CERN_USERNAME>
    • cd trunk/ant
    • ant -DtargetDir=run all
    • cd ../run
    • java -jar atlantis.jar