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Franz Heymann
Celebrating his life, 17 August 1924 to 28 March 2005.

Meeting held at UCL on 31 May 2005. (Sound recording of the whole programme: directory of mp3s, or directory of wavs)

Written contributions and other material about him. (Please send more.)
    • From Catherine Jones txt.
    • From David Miller doc.
    • List of postgraduate students in the Heymann group doc.
    • From Martin Palmer doc.
    • From Janet Knight doc.
    • From Mike Seaton doc.
    • From Ted Bellamy doc.
    • Early years at CERN; from Doug Davis doc.
    • From Paul Samet rtf.
    • From Mike Esten doc.
    • From Colin Whitehead doc.
    • From Keith Potter doc.
    • From Linc Read doc.
    • From Norman McCubbin doc.
    • From Peter Trent doc.
    • From Paul Charleton doc.
    • From Dave Sturt doc.
    • From Roy Rand doc.
    • From Godfrey Stafford doc.
    • From Graziella Branduardi-Raymont doc.
    • From Peter Kalmus doc, with an early UCL microtron jpg and quadrupole jpg .
    • From George Kalmus doc, with the ruby ring cut by Franz tif.
    • From Elliot Leader txt.
    • A 2002 "gem" from Franz to a science chatroom (found by Googling on "Franz Heymann").

Photographs. (Please send more.)

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