T-474 phone conference

Thursday 24 august 2006, 09:00 SLAC time, 17:00 UK time

Phone number : +1 510-665-5437
Meeting code : 4701

hardware points


analysis points

  • Raw waveforms from TDS oscilloscope, tds2root, see T474 eLog entry 49
  • State of the ESA data
    • filling gaps of july data taking, first processing run
    • reprocessing with latest version to include VSAM data, timestamp + 'upgrade' to the filtering algoritm to account for small residual phase dependence
    • set of routines for easy dataanalysis... libRooEsa needs work !!
    • stability data analysis
    • stability check + analysis of BPMCALI macro data
    • orbit fitting
  • Reprocessing of T-480 runs, list with required runs from july run
  • Checks + status of libespec library (Mark), see CVS server
    Restructuring of the library to make it easy to work with and stable, see elog entry
    Still large todo list, which some items that have to be checked/done asap.
  • Documentation page for contents of the ROOT ntuples


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