T-474 phone conference

Monday 2 april 2007, 09:30 SLAC time, 17:30 UK time

Phone number : +1 510-665-5437
Meeting code : 8343

main items during this run

  • commissioning of 2nd energy BPM (BPM12), also at 500 mm dispersion, but at opposite beta function as BPM24
  • commissioning and first data with 4 chicane magnets
  • rearranged zygo to BPM4 at center of chicane and BPM3 in front of chicane
  • commissioned new UK BPM processor electronics, for latter part of run on BPMs y9->y11 and q10 (split)
  • commissioned calibration tone for gain monitoring
  • commissioned new calibration method using helmholtz coils with cycles of fast dithering, preceeded by a BPM4 mover calibration and an energy setpoint calibration afterwards, automatic processing software also commissioned

meeting discussion points

  • SLAC eLog mirrored to UCL, available under : https://www.hep.ucl.ac.uk/elog/ILC+eSpec+@+ESA/
  • List with runs taken during march '07 run : https://www.hep.ucl.ac.uk/elog/T474/69.
  • Analysis plans
    Priority to reprocess asap the data with 2nd ddc filter implemented and decent calibrations using Helmholtz macro (esaCalib) : all data is copied to UCL, setting up latest code version.

    Note: code changes : ntp3 now calibration tone data ! Higher number ntuples shift.

    • Calibration using Dithering and Helmholtz Coils
      • Correct step finding algoritm for "pedestal" drift
      • restructure esaCalib and put in scale correction with mover calibration and zygo
      • re-analyse stability of scales & IQ phases, extend plots like https://www.hep.ucl.ac.uk/elog/T474/78
    • Zygo data
      • Need to have a look to long term behaviour of the interferometer : plot drifts and vibration modes
      • Note: zygo reintialises between runs, so correlate by taking average of beginning of run and offsetting the data
    • Magnet data
      • sergey has put everything together and obtained the correct beam energy of ~28.5 GeV : continue studies, updated data files etc..
      • energy resolution, compare with BPM12 and BPM24
      • comparison with simulation ( sergey & bino )
      • compare dispersion in front of & behind chicane... if possible given resolution on 9,10,11
      • stability of energy measurement & correlate drifts
      • stabiltiy of NMR/Hall probe measurements, study magnet current scans
      • ...
    • Calibration tone data
      • Yury implemented an event type flag in the data (ntp2.evtType), which corresponds to real event data, pedestal data or calib tone data and ntp3 which holds the processed calib info
      • study ripple in DDC level, investigate with simple simulation, see https://www.hep.ucl.ac.uk/elog//Bino's+logBook/19
      • stability & drifts over time, correlate with temp
    • UK BPM Electronics
      • check monopole leakage, compare with simulation
      • study the FFT of the DDC, gauge the 2omega component leakage when using the old slac cavities and the 22 MHz IF
      • linearity : study q10UKAmp versus q10Amp etc..
  • New cavity + mover system
    • Status of position & reference cavity : new pictures !!
    • Status of mover system
  • T474 paper : discuss status
  • Contribution to PAC'07 : poster, need author list + update website
  • LCWS meeting in Hamburg ( 30 May - 04 June 2007) : contribution ?
  • Energy spectrometer meeting in DESY/Zeuthen (06 - 09 June 2007) after LCWS in Hamburg
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