This is a run information repository with ILC testruns taken at the ESA testfacility.
These pages interface to a database which you can query and edit with information about
the runs. Select the runs you want to display using the run selection box below the field
description. If there are any questions or comments, please send a mail to Bino.

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Database field description...

The table below gives a little explanation of the fields in the database

runnr int The runnumber
date date Date at which run was created
starttime time Starttime of the run, accurate to 1 sec ( from march 2007 onwards, before to 1 min )
period int The ESA - ILC run period, where 0 : April 2006 run, 1 : July 2006 run, 2 : March 2007 run, 3 : July 2007 run
subprocs varchar(80) List of active subprocesses in DAQ for this run
pedrun int Pedestal runnumber for this run
type int Run type, where 0 : stability run, 1 : xcor28 calibration, 2 : ycor29 calibration, 3 : xcor32 calibration, 4 : ycor33 calibration, 5 : energy setpoint scan, 6 : x setpoint scan, 7 : y setpoint scan, 8 : bpmcali, 9 : mover scan, 10 : helmholz calibration, 11 : Q38 bowtie scan, 12 : systematic study, 13 : Wakefield box scan, 14 : Hardware checkout run, 15 : Alignment run, 16 : Other
status unsigned int Processing status bitword for this run
experiment int Experiment that took the run, where 0 : T474, 1 : T475, 2 : T480, 3 : Zen, 4 : T488, 5 : Other
magcurr float Chicane magnet current during most part of the run
wigcurr float Wiggler magnet current during most part of the run
optics int Optics configuration used during this run, where 0 : T474 optics, 1 : T480 optics, 2 : T487 optics
dqword unsigned int Data quality bitword, explanation of bits :
  • 0x0001 : hmmm...
  • 0x0002 : hmmm...
  • 0x0004 : hmmm...
crew varchar(80) The shift crew
daqcomment text Comments entered in the DAQ window at the start of the run
usercomment text Comments from the eLog with the run and given by the users during analysis of the data

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