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Electronic Log for Laurent Kelleter


To Do


  • Make talk about He/C mixing for Seville OMA school


  • Write OMA news on Lennart presenting results at PTCOG
  • Finished Quenched Bragg curve paper. Waiting for Raffy's comments and green light from Simon for submission.
  • Finished range telescope detector paper. Waiting for Raffy's comments and green light from Simon for submission.
  • Write paper with Lenny on mixed beam test: ongoing
  • Get helium, carbon and oxygen Bragg curve data from Lenny. He will do a night shift at some point after PTCOG
  • Update Geant4 to easybuild version (make visualisation work again)
  • Write a PhD thesis
  • PhD admin:
    • Examination entry form. Submit to Stan. Done
    • PhD examiner nomination form. Done
    • CRS status application. Done
    • Complete UCL research student logs
  • Complete Timesheets


  • Simulate Bragg curve in realistic range telescope with correct sheet and paint thickness
  • Simulate protons, helium, carbon and oxygen in water for range-energy relations.
  • Analyse MedAustron data with carbon. Plot along with carbon data from Loic.
  • Build analytical model for Helium, carbon and oxygen beam (talk to Felix Horst at GSI?)
  • Measure WET of scintillator block with PTW peakfinder at HIT. Arrange date with Lenny


  • Build-up paper is published.
  • Finished analysis of HIT data for PTCOG talk (10th June)
  • Reviewed second submission of build-up paper (tech note). Submitted to MedPhys. Waiting for approval.
  • Finished PTCOG poster
  • Build-up paper: Submittd technical note to Medical Physics. Waiting for feedback.
  • Went to OMA school in Vienna, presented poster
  • Did a test beam at HIT
  • Gave talk at IoP
  • Registered for OMA symposium
  • Registered for IoP meeting
  • Developed QB curve fit as "histogram" taking into account detector resolution, solving problem of fit routine trying to fit bin centres
  • Flights booked for OMA school in Vienna
  • Submitted abstract to IoP meeting 8-9th April (3rd year talk)
  • Paid fee for OMA school in Vienna (300£, 1st March deadline)
  • Finished and submitted OMA deliverable report
  • Finished draft of Quenched Bragg curve paper.
  • Submitted build-up paper to Medical Physics
  • Finished build-up paper
  • Write short biography and poster for world cancer day
  • Write abstract for PTCOG with Lenny about mixed beams
  • Submitted abstract PTCOG on QUARC
  • Analyse mixed-beam data for Lenny's HIT seminar (19th January)
  • Update OMA Career development plan
  • Update OMA brochure

Dates 2019

Date Event
07-08/02 PPRIG
01/03 Day off
28/03-07/04 OMA School Vienna (poster)
08-10/04 IoP meeting (talk)
13-15/04 Test beam at HIT
20-29/05 Holiday
10-15/06 PTCOG (Lenny talk)
23-28/06 OMA school Liverpool
29/07-06/08 Holiday
21/08 Day off
02-06/09 OMA final conference in Seville
09-11/09 Holiday
24-27/09 Holiday
30/09 End of OMA contract
31/12 End of extension
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