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=== Documents To Review ===
=== Documents To Review ===
== Completed ==
== Completed ==
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==== 2022 ====
==== 2022 ====

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Electronic Log for Simon Jolly


To Do


  • Submit expense claims
  • Submit abstracts to FRPT on QuARC FLASH measurements and Technical Challenges update.
  • CAD design for UCLH and Clatterbridge scintillator stack holders.
  • Discuss with Ruben about radiotherapy block discolouration: can we use water tanks?
  • Find out status of patent application and detector licensing to Cosylab/Clatterbridge.
  • Organise September/Monthly QA UCLH runs.
  • Organise December UCLH run.
  • Follow up email to Nuvia about 3mm sheets for Manchester FLASH and 2.8mm Clatterbridge.
  • Arrange meeting with Linda Mortimer and Peter Corlett at Clatterbridge to discuss QA detector prototype (with Marjanca Feltrin and Saad Shaikh).

HEP Group

  • Buy lab tools.
  • Add web design and editing pages to HEP group page.
  • Write new user pages.
  • Set up group MacBook with JAMF again.
  • Update UCL IRIS profile


  • Submit forms for Jeremy Ocampo
  • Select examiners and submit forms for Saad Shaikh

Documents To Review

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