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Electronic Log for Sonia Escribano

To Do

  • Port Saad's FPGA data replay code to Python → copied
  • Duplicate functionality of Fern's GUI in D3.


  • PARTREC pictures uploaded to: /unix/pbt/data/partrec/20221125/Pictures
  • Cut Mylar foil sheets for Manchester experiment
  • Talk to Derek about Mylar foil.
  • Probation meeting with Simon (fill form)
  • Set up new MacBook Pro: might need dual booting (talk to Tony Hoare about Windows).
  • Set up Geant4 simulations of detector → copied and running


  • Get user name + email ✓
  • Get ID card: book appointment online ✓
  • Mandatory safety training courses: Safety Induction + Fire Safety ✓
  • Book departamental safety induction with Lee Bebbington ✓
  • Mandatory training courses: GDPR, information security, freedom of information, DSE, diversity, unconscious bias, ✓
  • Create a wiki account ✓
  • Register for an account on the HEP Linux cluster (email support@hep.ucl.ac.uk) ✓
  • Install Geant4 (instructions: [1]) ✓
  • Set up bank details online on myHR ✓

Important Dates

Date Event
23rd Sep 2022 VIVA York
20th Oct 2022 Prague
21st Oct 2022 HEP Seminar
25-26th Oct 2022 Manchester beam test
24-25th Nov 2022 Groningen beam test
30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2022 FRPT Conference Barcelona
20th Jan 2023 PhD Graduation York
8th Feb 2023 QuARC Seminar @ Bristol
5th Apr 2023 PGI Seminar @ Queen Mary