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Electronic Log for Unik Limbu

To Do

Add list of to-do list items

  1. Implementing a text-entry box for the number of photodiodes instead
  2. Implementing two text-entry boxes for the minimum (0mm) and maximum range which updates automatically when the number of photodiodes is entered
    • The x-axis must show millimetres, not photodiode numbers because the important quantity is the Water Equivalent Thickness that the protons have penetrated
  3. Getting rid of the buttons that reload the plot and instead implement four check boxes on the plot
    • Raw photodiode values
    • Error bars
    • Quenched Bragg curve
    • Bortfeld curve
  4. Convert the Start and Stop buttons into a single button that changes role depending on whether the display is running or stopped
    • If it's stopped: it should say "Run" and start the display running
    • If it's running: it should say "Stop" and should stop or pause the display


  • Understood and made use of Papa Parse to load the data
  • Keep all the code in the same repository
  • Learnt and understood about Version Control System (VCS) by watching videos and reading documentation on Git
  • Tested using Git with VS Code and GitHub
  • Use git commits to each stage of development of the code
  • Clone the repository into the web directory so that all the code is the same
  • Computing the photodiode intensity bar chart using the Papa Parse
  • Adding axes to the photodiode intensity bar chart
  • Getting rid of the photodiode number buttons
  • Deleted all of the unimportant files (e.g. HTML, js, etc) from the folder (limbu)
  • Put detailed comments on the code that explains what it does which would be useful for the reader

August-September Schedule

  • Will be back to my family in Doncaster from the 19th to 21st of August due to family reasons but I will still try to get some work done
  • Have to leave my current flat by the 31st of August (I will probably leave around the 28th)
  • In2research poster deadline on the 31st August
  • Graduation ceremony on the 1st September
  • Final date of the project is 2nd September
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