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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 5th October 2016 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Ruben Saakyan, Anastasia Basharina-Freshville, Laurent Kelleter, Andreas Christou, Matthieu Hentz, Adam Knoetze

MSci Projects


  • Currently doing background reading for Literature Review: due 17/10/16.
  • Researching signal analysis methods for pulse shape fitting.
  • SJ and ABF advised to look at some of the raw data files before studying the pulse fitting: will look into ROOT and PyROOT.
  • SJ suggested to contact Ben Waugh for advice on optimal version of ROOT/PyROOT to choose.
  • RS and ABF highly recommended working through the ROOT tutorials due to the amount of useful information that has been included recently, including information on curve fitting and peak finding.


  • Also starting Literature review.
  • Worked through tutorials on PBTWiki: some not working! Will send details of tutorials with problems to SJ. Might be a result of trying to run on plus1, which still uses SLC5, rather than the newer SL6 desktop PCs.
  • Now working through Roisin’s Clatterbridge simulations: having some issues. ABF suggested those issues may also be a result of trying to run under SLC5: highly recommended to use an SL6 desktop. SJ suggested pc188: it's a monster...


  • Also starting Literature review.
  • Working through LeCroy waveform data: data copied from scope to laptop in binary format and will upload to /unix/pbt/ disk.
  • Using a Python script to convert to text file: ABF will specify format. SJ will compare text file output to Matlab script provided by LeCroy to ensure correct formatting.

All MSci students requested more background information on the project and detector: ABF and SJ will email this round.

Detector Development


  • Finished analysing Caen digitiser data: will upload talks when corrections are completed.
  • Detector emulator has arrived! Plan to use it to investigate high rate PMT problems. First tests to involve light pulser driven by detector emulator with different PMT bases to try and ascertain whether issues are inherent to PMTs or through choice of active Hamamatsu base.
  • Will start working on hardware tests herself but may put AK and LK to work.
  • Gave all interested parties the guided tour of the kit, reiterating threats not to damage sensitive PMTs by exposing them to light when HV is running. Significant punishments will be applied...


  • First week at UCL: just started HEP lectures.
  • Working through Geant4 tutorials.
  • Next step will be to adapt ABF's existing Geant4 simulations of the calorimeter module to run under the latest version (currently written and compiled for Geant4.10.0, latest version on SL6 is Geant4.10.2.p01).

Experimental Runs

  • SJ to contact Andrzej Kacperek at Clatterbridge and colleagues at PSI/MedAustron to arrange next experimental visits.
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