Proton Calorimetry/Meetings/2022/12/07

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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 7th December


Saad Shaikh, Simon Jolly, Raffaella Radogna, Maya Maciurzynska, Andreas Korn

Saad Shaikh

  • No meeting last week due to Simon & Sonia being at FRPT.
    • Spent a couple of days last week catching up on Lab 3 marking and PandA video editing.
  • Provided Raffy with code to generate clocks for photodiode driver boards.
  • Preliminary analysis of PARTREC data:
    • Artefacts seen in Manchester data have seemingly disappeared.
    • Beam quality significantly deteriorates in lower energies, likely due to aluminium beam degrader.
    • Average charge scales linearly with beam current for all energies, though not necessarily 1:1 ratio.
    • Differences from one energy to the next likely due to poorer beam quality and fewer diodes in lower energies.
  • Have started writing paper on detector.
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