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Latest version 
3.90b (1 September 2010)
Source tarball 


  • DAWN uses a different type of configure script, and it is not possible to build the software in separate directory from the source. The configure script must be run inside the source directory.
  • The configure script does not accept the installation prefix as a command-line parameter, but this can be set at the interactive prompt in the configure script.
  • The makefile also does not accept an installation prefix to give the stow directory. This means that the four files installed for DAWN need to be moved manually after installation, and then stowed properly.

Options for configure script interactive prompt:

  • Compiler name: g++
  • Optimisation option: -O2
  • Window shell name: wish
  • Directory to install executable files: /unix/pbt/software/dev/bin

Installation commands:

make install

Stow commands:

cd /unix/pbt/software/dev
mkdir -p stow/dawn-3.90b/bin
mv bin/dawn stow/dawn-3.90b/bin/
mv bin/DAWN_GUI stow/dawn-3.90b/bin/
mv bin/dawnunixd stow/dawn-3.90b/bin/
mv bin/dawninetd stow/dawn-3.90b/bin/
cd stow
stow dawn-3.90b
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