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Java Analysis Studio 3 (Jas3)

Latest version 
3.0.12 (30 July 2014) Installed version: 3.0.9
Source tarball 


  • This is also a Java program, but with multiple files and a library subfolder.
  • The files jas3.* are not needed on our Linux system, and can be omitted for clarity in the bin folder.
  • As the program does not require compilation, the stowed folder can be copied directly from the development environment to the production environment.
  • Installing a new version in the development environment will simply require copying the jas3 executable and the lib folder into a new stow folder.
  • The latest version has not yet been tested, hence installing version 3.0.9 in the production environment.
  • Version 3.0.11 was tested and found to crash repeatedly, hence version 3.0.12 will need to be tested in the development environment to see if this has been fixed.

Installation commands:

cd /unix/pbt/software
cp dev/stow/jas-assembly-3.0.9 prod/stow/

Stow commands:

cd /unix/pbt/software/dev/stow
stow jas-assembly-3.0.9

WIRED 4 plugin

Latest version 

This is a plugin for Java Analysis Studio 3. It is downloaded and installed through the plugin manager.

Installation instructions:

  1. From within the PBT environment, run Java Analysis Studio 3 by typing jas3.
  2. From the View menu, select Plugin Manager.
  3. If the plugin is already installed, it will be visible in the Installed tab of the plugin manager, filed in the system group.
  4. If the plugin is not installed, it can be found in the Available tab, filed under hep > visualisation.
  5. Select the WIRED 4 plugin and choose the option Install in system extension directory.
  6. Click Install selected plugins.
  7. All required dependencies will be installed automatically.

Note that installing plugins will create, or change the contents of, the extensions folder relative to the jas3 executable. These changes will normally be picked up without needing to re-stow the folder.

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