PhD project: Reconstruction of tracks and vertices, and neutrino analysis in the SND@LHC detector

Supervisor: Prof Mario Campanelli

SND@LHC is a relatively small detector located at about 400 meters from the ATLAS interaction point. Since most particles produced in the interaction are either deflected by the LHC magnets or absorbed by a wall, only neutrinos or feebly-interacting particles can interact with the detector. The project, the continuation of a years-long study done in the UCL group, is about the use of graph neural networks to reconstruct tracks and vertices from hits in the photographic film plates used as the detector target, and identify the particles from their tracks. The student is also expected to participate to the data analysis on the measurement of neutrino interactions, and the test of lepton universality.

More details on ATLAS at UCL can be found here.

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