The workshop will be in University College London (UK), on March 30,31 and April 1, 2009.

Much of the emphasis on physics at the LHC has been so far put on physics beyond the Standard Model, or Higgs searches. On the other hand, the unprecedented energy and the wide eta reach of the LHC detectors will allow new and interesting measurements even with the limited amount of data we are likely to collect in 2009. The aim of this workshop is to collect and spread ideas on how to make the best use of these data, and on which results the LHC collaborations should concentrate on for the first data.

It will be a three days workshop from Monday afternoon to Wednesday evening, in the center of London.


Mario Campanelli (UCL co-chair)

Georg Weiglein (IPPP co-chair)

Lily Asquith (UCL)

James Monk (UCL)

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