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the University and the department where I studied Telecommunication Engineering

Projects where I am currently involved:

The Official " MB-NG" page can be found here

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List of Publications/Technical Reports/Talks


J. Orellana, A. Di Donato, F. Saka, P. Clarke, "Benchmarking QoS on Router Interfaces of Gigabit Speeds and Beyond". In Proc. 9th Open European Summer School and IFIP Workshop on Next Generation Networks (EUNICE 2003), Budapest-Balatonfüred, Hungary, September 2003. [pdf]

Providing Quality of Service Networking for High Performance GRID Applications Miguel Rio, Javier Orellana, Andrea di Donato, Frank Saka, Ian Bridge and Peter Clarke In Proceedings of EPSRC All-Hands Conference 2003, September 2003, Nottingham, United Kingdom doc

Using QoS for High Throughput TCP Transport Over Fat Long Pipes Andrea Di Donato, Yee-Ting Li, Frank Saka and Peter Clarke In proceedings of Second International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks February 16-17, 2004. Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois USA [pdf]

IP-QoS benchmarking in Gigabit networks Andea Di Donato, First international GRID NEtworking Workshop 2004 (GNEW2004). March 15-16, 2004 . CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. GNEW

On the joint use of new TCP proposals and IP-QoS on high Bandwidth-RTT product paths Andrea Di Donato, Frank Saka, Javier Orellana and Peter Clarke In proceedings of the Trans-European-Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA) networking conference 2004. 7-10 June 2004. Rhodes, Greece. pdf

Project/Technical studies

"High performance Networking - an IP-QoS evaluation for Cisco, Juniper, Procket and Chiaro router cards (1GE and OC-48) - 13-Feb-2004 ". [doc]

.Description, results, plots and conclusions about LBE tests between INFN and UCL: case congestion at the edge only. Andrea Di Donato, UCL, February 2003. [doc]

QoS_On_ Shaping : Core-bottleneck emulation and traffic differentiation in a Cisco 12000 core routers network Andrea Di Donato, UCL, May 2003. [doc]

OC-3 core-bottleneck and traffic differentiation using Cisco 12000 core-routers in an end-to-end environment Andrea Di Donato, UCL, May 2003 [doc]


"ESLEA and EGEE", Andrea Di Donato. MCNC Workshop on Optical Control Plane for the GRID community, The Drake Hotel, Chicago April 22-23, 2004 [ppt]


my CV [pdf]