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Welcome to the libbpm page, here you can download the latest version of libbpm.

libbpm is a C-library which contains low level beam position monitor (BPM) signal processing routines. It's aim is to form a complete set of routines needed to handle RF Cavity BPM data, from digital downmixing, sampling, calibrating analysing and simulating BPM data. This library has been developed in the context of the BPM work done by the accelerator physics groups at University College London, Royal Holloway University of London and the University of Cambridge (UK) (2006-2008)

For contact, please mail bino (at)

Latest stable version

The latest stable version for libbpm is 0.3, you can download the tar archive here.

Click on this link for the online reference guide for this version, or download the pdf reference guide.

Download releases

v. date source cvs tag comments
0.3 25-06-2008 libbpm-0.3.tar.gz bino-25jun08 Updated the processing section to be completely based upon the new bpmwf handling routines and made all the documentation for the processing complete.
0.2 10-01-2008 libbpm-0.2.tar.gz bino-10jan08 quite some fixes, frozen version before tackling major update in the processing section after a lot of improvements in the simulation section. Releases after this version will break the current esaProcess code.
0.1 09-11-2007 libbpm-0.1.tar.gz bino-09nov07 first release, fully functional but a bit hackishly