David J. Miller

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JOBS until I retired in September 2005

Primary Research Interests

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Talks and Lectures

  • "What we're here to do"; Charge to the Montpellier ECFA Linear Collider workshop ( pdf).
  • "The Legacy of LEP"; London intercollegiate postgrad lectures given December 2003. ( ppt file (18MB) or smaller pdf file without bitmap pictures)
  • Electromagnetic Theory for 2nd year Physics and Astronomy undergraduates at UCL
  • Colloquium at the University of Sussex 21 February 2002 "Where Particle Physics is now" (pdf)
  • Lectures (ppt) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) on "Electroweak Symmetry Breaking a Linear Collider", given at the SLAC Summer Institute, 20/21 August 2001.
  • "Questions about measuring the luminosity spectrum at a Linear Collider" (ppt); machine related ; detector related , given at LCWS2002 August 2002.
  • Report on the Worldwide Linear Collider Study to the ICFA seminar, 9 October 2002 (pdf)

    Other Interests

    C.V. and publications


    UCL Physics(Massey) building, D10, first floor. (Maps of UCL etc.)

    +44 207 679 7152


    +44 207 679 7145

    Working from home

    Wife's fax +44 207 642 8311



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