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Electronic Log for Jeremy Ocampo.

To do

  • G4 Simulate an image from a 1mm thick scintillator in a non-scintillating plastic slab
    • compare to image from thick scintillator block
    • this is to test the idea that we are seeing errors due to focal depth or light coming from different depths
  • G4 Get profiles at different depths and compare to data
  • G4 Get output factor curves and compare to data
  • G4 Make code neater, add more macros
  • Report Finish first draft of start of report.
  • Group placement make poster of group placement project
  • Camera Familiarize oneself with DSLR camera and software
  • Reading


  • Workshop Went to workshop - "Challenges and opportunities within practical small field dosimetry" - 9th may
  • G4 Simulate image from a 10cmx10cmx20cm scintillator and compared it's pdd with image from dslr camera.
    • ~100,000 optical photons collected by lens given ~10,000,000 x-ray photons, which took 3 hours.
    • reduced computing time using multithreaded mode, and also using the symmetry of the system by adding more lenses to collect more light
  • G4 Import phase space file (cyberknife) beam to use as primary generator.
  • Group placement exploring the simulacrum cancer data from PHE - 12th april
    • presentation
    • report
  • 2nd term courses Machine learning with Big data, Inverse problems in imaging
  • G4 Learning Geant4 with:
    • ED-Geant4 - Lectures with exercises and solutions from an intro G4 workshop in 2018.
    • Geant4 book - Reference for G4.
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