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Linux Patch for HSTCP

HSTCP is a new TCP stack for high performance transport. Here are some patches against linux 2.4 kernels which enable the modification for real life usage.

Patch Against Linux 2.4.20 Clean patch against 2.4.20 with web100-2.2.1 [20030623]
Patch Against Linux 2.4.20 for DataTAG Clean patch with dtg4 for 2.4.20 with web100-2.2.1 [20030623]


Of course, Sally Floyd. Also to Gareth Fairey for the original implemenation. Oh, and the web100 team.

Links etc.

Please also see the altAIMD kernel here.


The algorithms presented within this patch are consider EXPERIMENTAL and the code is provided without any warranty. Limited support is available (if you ask me nicely!). The author and the contributors to this distribution take no responsibility for any damage of any computer, network or person(s) as a consequence of using this patch.

Comments and suggestion are strongly encouraged. <>


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