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Electronic Log for Fern Pannell


MSci Project

Measuring the Range of Proton Therapy Beams

Dr Simon Jolly, Prof. Ruben Saakyan

Literature Review

  • Submission Deadline: 17:00, 28th October 2020.
  • Splitting the review into sections on Cancer Biology, Cancer Treatment, Proton Therapy, Quality Assurance, QuARC, Project Outline and Timeline.

Progress Report & Interview

Important Dates
Date Time
Submission Deadline (Interview Slides) 11th January 2021 9:00
Interview (Prof. Jenny Thomas) 13th January 2021 15:00
Submission Deadline (Progress Report) 18th January 2021 17:00

Final Report & Presentation

  • Submission of Project Report Deadline is TBC (end of second term).
  • Project talk will be held in term 3.

Outside Engagement

December 2020
November 2020
October 2020
  • Registered with the IBA Dosimetry Clinical Presentations Hub.
    • Following the series "Best Practice and Experience about Dosimetry and QA Solutions".
September 2020
  • Enrolled on MPHY0038 "Treatment with Ionising Radiation" with Gary Royle as term 1 elective.
August 2020
  • Completed online course with Lund University, Sweden. "Medical Applications of Particle Accelerators".
    • Covered Radiotherapy, LINAC, Proton Therapy, PBT Accelerators, Heavy-Ion Therapy, Radionuclides.
July 2020
  • Attended IBA Dosimetry ESTRO Webinar "Innovation & Evolution in Radiation and Proton Therapy Quality Assurance".
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