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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 7th September


Saad Shaikh, Sonia Escribano, Simon Jolly

Saad Shaikh

  • Assembled prototypes and performed beam test at UCLH on September 1st. Discussed results in this presentation:
    • RSP appears to be closer to 1.034 than previously assumed 1.024. Results are better but there is scope for more investigation with future rev. D prototypes.
    • New sanded sheets from NUVIA have lower light levels and give worse data – Simon to inquire about future sets of sheets.
  • Geant4 simulation work:
    • Found that fixing Birks' constant improved fit with simulated PDL curves – went back to Laurent's simulated data and found that fits fail unless Birks' constant is fixed.
    • Preliminary tests of binned fitting rate using simulated data: 3.55 Hz with 10 data points; 2.70 Hz with 36 data points and 0.64 Hz with 128 data points.
    • Next step is to check photon propagation to edges of scintillator and investigate stepping observed with high resolution PDD.
  • Set up template for research paper on Overleaf using Quenched Bragg paper.
  • Matt Warren has fixed USB104 DAQ problems, will acquire code and implement his changes.
    • Will also test set up with USB104 and GUI on Raspberry Pi.

Sonia Escribano