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Electronic Log for Jeremy Ocampo.


To do

  • New water tank setup
    • Scintillator sheet sandwiched between two water tanks replacing plastic blocks.
    • Optical grease in-between for smoothness (will scintillator be contaminated by the grease?)
    • Polish outer surfaces and lens
  • Figure out physics of green dis-coloration in high dose areas of plastic
  • Fill out wiki page for radiotherapy experimental runs
  • Get ML models to work on real images
  • Ask Stan for phd viva forms


2nd year

  • 1st term
    • G4 Separate Scintillation and Cerenkov photons in scintillator sheet simulation
      • Whole beam produces Cerenkov photons in the plastic slabs+scintillator sheet while Scintillation is only produced in the scintillator sheet.
      • A "scintillation only" image produces PDD, profile and Output factor within 2% of actual dose.
    • Birmingham Meeting 9th Dec With Adam, Simon, Geoff, Hamid, Spyros
      • Presented simulation results
      • Methods to separate Cerenkov and scintillation, concluded with:
        image plastic block (cerenkov) and then image scintillator sheet sandwiched by plastic slabs (scintillation + cerenkov) and then subtract
      • Plans for experiment in January with scintillator sheet sandwiched between plastic
      • Talked about using the system for treatment plan verification by comparing a video to simulation.
    • PhD transfer Report
    • PhD transfer Viva - passed yay
    • CDT presentation of 1st year work

1st year

  • Summer
    • Summer School STFC Data Intensive, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Summer School 2019
    • G4 Simulate PDD, profile and Output factor from a scintillator sheet sandwiched between 2 platic slabs:
      • PDD agrees within 2% but profile and Output factor(OF) doesn't.
      • Cerenkov coming from plastic slabs distorts OF and profile.
      • This is because as you increase the beam width, the amount of X-ray going into the plastic slab is proportional to (beam width)2
        but the amount of X-rays going into the sheet is proportional to beam width.

  • 3rd term
    • Workshop Went to workshop - "Challenges and opportunities within practical small field dosimetry" - 9th may
    • G4 Simulate image of an irradiated scintillator block and compared it's pdd with image from CCD camera.
      • ~100,000 optical photons collected by lens given ~10,000,000 x-ray photons, which took 3 hours.
    • G4 Speed improvements of scintillator block image:
      • can use 4 lens' as there is 2 planes of symmetry => simulation captures 4x as much photons
      • Use HEP batch farm to run jobs on 100 cores
      • kill optical photons which would be internally reflected by all sides of block at there 1st step => simulation ~10x faster

  • 2nd term
    • Courses: Machine learning with big data, Inverse problems in imaging
    • Group placement project: exploring the simulacrum cancer dataset from PHE (partnered with Valtech)
      • presentation
      • report
    • G4 Import phase space file (cyberknife) beam to use as primary generator.
    • G4 Simulate PDD, profile dose distributions in water and compare with measured.

  • 1st term
    • Courses: Standard model 1 & 2, Prob and stats, Research software (python)
    • G4 Learning Geant4 with:
      • ED-Geant4 - Lectures with exercises and solutions from an intro G4 workshop in 2018.
      • Geant4 book - Reference for G4.
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