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Planning details for the 2018 ENLIGHT meeting and training day, hosted by UCL.

ENLIGHT Indico page with all the meeting details is here.

Google Doc with latest schedule is here.


To-Do List


  • Confirm sponsorship payments and requirements: RA. — as of 22/06/18, Varian (£5k) have not paid; contacted Manjit 21/06/18 regarding logo on website (too late for update); Cyclotron Trust (£2k) have paid.
  • Registration
    • Printing the badges — ✓ — CERN will bring or post printed badge labels on perforated sheets; ChiShuo will mount.
    • Badge holders — ✓ — SJ sourced some from Khadija Bouzgan, more ordered. Laurent has store: will collect new holders from Khadija and provide to ChiShuo for mounting.
    • Registration list: column for signing, additional lines for not registered people — CERN.
    • Registration tables: 2 people needed — ✓ — Hannah Cook and Petya Georgieva to man registration desk in Cruciform foyer.
    • Certificates for reimbursements — CERN.
    • Printing the programme — CERN to send PDF to SJ to print on print@UCL.
    • ENLIGHT flyer — CERN to bring.
    • Maps: SJ to enquire from Khadija but paper maps unlikely — ✓ — Khadija confirms no paper maps available at UCL. There is a UCL maps app! All online links provided on Indico site.
  • Poster Session:
    • Boards according to the size, pins etc. — ✓ — SJ, Laurent, Mohini checked LT!: there are boards for 19 posters mounted to the walls. Matthieu to organise poster mounting: UCL posters mounted before meeting with White-Tac.
    • Committee for evaluating posters — Manjit to appoint; include RA?
    • Poster prizes — CERN
    • Certificates to print — CERN
  • Photographer — SJ to take photos and contact UCL/MAPS/Engineering Comms.
    • Sophie Lane from UCL MAPS Comms available to take photos on Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Will leave camera for others to use.
    • Yaru, SJ to take photos during workshop.
    • Alejandro Salinas Lopez from UCL Digital Media booked for ENLIGHT dinner photos.
    • Workshop photos: training + winning posters — KR to supervise, SJ can take some photos.
    • Visit photos — RA to suggest options — ✓ — visit cancelled.
  • Social Media: Twitter @enlightnetwork — RA, Raj Jena, others?
  • Slide collection and upload:
    • Slides uploaded to Indico — Petya, CERN.
    • Collect slides on the day — Laurent for Desktop@UCL PC, Manjit via USB stick and diplomacy...
  • Session management — SJ, Manjit — All speakers in reserved space in front row; make space for chairs chairs.
  • Training Day final arrangements — GR, KR, Stacey Holloway.
    • Desktop@UCL logins — ✓ — Stacey has details for Yaru to collect.
    • Registration desk.

Local Organisers

  • Industry contact: Richard Amos
  • Tuesday evening dinner: Megan Wilson
  • Room bookings: Mohini Nair
  • Hotel booking: TBA
  • Website information: Laurent Kelleter
  • Registration desk: Hannah Cook
  • Name badges: Jiang ChiShuo, Laurent Kelleter
  • Signs: Esther Bar
  • Poster printing and pinning: Matthieu Hentz
  • Tech support and talk file collation: Laurent Kelleter
  • Printing: Pang Yaru
  • Photos: Pang Yaru, SJ
  • UCL Guest WiFi: Khadija Bouzgan


  • Email Manjit Dosanjh/Cai Grau about meeting dates to confirm: SJ. — ✓
  • Finalise timetable for all 3 days by mid-November: All. — ✓
  • Book Cruciform Building Lecture Theatre for all 4 days: SJ. — ✓ — Mohini Nair has booked Cruciform LT for 3 days, 4 cluster rooms for Monday, will book other LT for EPTN meeting.
  • Identify Local Organising Committee: SJ, GR. — ✓
  • Find out if we can publish contributed papers in peer-reviewed journal special edition: SJ. — ✓ (Manjit Dosanjh prefers not to publish in a journal).
  • Put together web page (use HEP website) including Indico page: SJ. — ✓ — Indico page already created by CERN: they want to host the pages. We won't have edit rights.
  • Check how much funding is available from CERN and Manjit Dosanjh: SJ. — ✓ — Manjit Dosanjh suggests total cost of €20–30k split 50/50 with CERN, so €15k from CERN.
  • Check with Manjit Dosanjh about poster session and prizes: SJ. — ✓ — Manjit Dosanjh confirmed 23/01/18 that 1 hour session required for Wednesday afternoon for 4 talks for poster prize winners, but no actual prize. Need to organise poster boards.
  • Should industrial sponsors fund lunches and evening reception? — ENLIGHT committee preferred minimal sponsorship (we are not PTCOG).
  • Put together detailed list of speakers and topics for each session by 28/07/17: All. — Sessions confirmed by ENLIGHT committee.
  • Email suggestions for 3 speakers for each session, then forward to ENLIGHT Committee by 31/01/18: All. — ✓
  • Can we use the British Museum for reception on Monday 25th? — ✓ — No, but UCL South Cloisters booked instead.
  • Find suitable location for formal dinner on Tuesday 26th. — ✓ — Thames riverboat booked.
  • Accommodation for delegates. — ✓ — List up on CERN Indico page.
  • Obtain contact details for Hakan Nystrom: SJ. — ✓ — Schedule changed so no longer needed.
  • Finalise speakers for Light Ions session: SJ. — ✓
  • Ask Manchester/Christie what topics they would like to contribute: SJ. — ✓ — Karen Kirkby to present.
  • Finalise speakers for Dosimetry session: SJ. — ✓
  • Finalise speakers for Imaging session: GR — ✓
  • Finalise speakers for Immunotherapy session: GR — ✓
  • Finalise speakers for Paediatrics session: RA — ✓
  • Find out whether Ran Mackay would give UK proton service talk and be willing to be an agent provocateur for one of the panel discussions: RA, SJ. — ✓
  • Formal invitation letter (save the date letter without details, plus specific invitation to speakers): Manjit Dosanjh. — ✓
  • Finalise speakers and chairs for Patient Selection' session: RA — ✓ — Manjit confirms Karin Haustermans and Raj Jena.
  • Finalise chairs for Imaging session: GR — ✓ — Catarina Veiga and Andrew Poynter confirmed.
  • Arrange monthly meetings with Local Organisers: SJ. — ✓
  • Discuss site visit with UCLH/Bouygues: RA. — Site visit and viewing platform cancelled. Richard to draft message to ENLIGHT community — ✓
  • Arrange catering: GR, Mohini Nair. — Mohini organising with Sodexo and checking for suitable space in Cruciform basement for tea and coffee — ✓ — SJ, Khadija Bouzgan confirmed order of morning coffee and Welcome Reception catering; Mohini, GR confirmed order of all remaining catering.
  • Patient Selection Session still needs a speaker on UK introduction (Adrian Crellin unavailable): RA — ✓ — Raj Jena will give talk; Roberto Orecchia will chair (Manjit confirmed).
  • Equipment in the room — SJ to source from Khadija, Fahad Ihsan, Tony Hoare
    • Pointer: Tony Hoare — ✓ — Laurent has clicker/pointer; will test and bring along to workshop.
    • Timer — ✓ — Laurent has Windows tablet from Fahad with timer apps and charger.
    • Computer — ✓ — Desktop@UCL available in all rooms, SJ to bring Mac laptop.
    • Microphone for questions: fixed or roaming — ✓ — Speaker microphones available in all rooms, SJ has ordered roving microphones.
  • Catering — GR and Mohini to arrange — ✓
    • Training Day — KR, GR, Stacey Holloway.
    • Welcome Reception: setup time — Mohini.
    • Riverboat dinner — Megan Wilson, GR.
  • Sign up for the Social event/Dinner and Visits
    • Indications for the meeting point (How to inform people? Email? During the meeting?) — ✓ — SJ and Manjit during the meeting, Esther Bar to print signs.
    • List of people: CERN to provide once registrations close — ✓ — Petya Georgieva sent registration list.
  • Signposts for finding room — ✓ — SJ passed to Esther Bar.
  • Others:
    • Photocopies/Printer nearby printing boarding passes for example — ✓ — Pang Yaru to oversee printing; other Local Organisers can assist.
    • Local Person to contact for taxi/travel arrangements — SJ, GR to identify, possibly Mohini, Khadija. — Khadija points out that black cabs are easily available from Euston, Gordon Street and Gower Street — ✓ — all Local Organisers made aware of hailing black cabs from Euston (Uber also possible).
    • List ALL available Local Organisers: GR, SJ — ✓.
    • Organise WiFi access for all 4 days: SJ, Khadija — ✓ — Khadija has requested UCL Guest WiFi access for 150 people; SJ circulated details; SJ updated CERN Indico site with UCL Guest and Eduroam details.

Provisional Dates: Monday 25th–Thursday 28th June 2018

Training Day 
Monday 25th
ENLIGHT Meeting 
Tuesday 26th–Wednesday 27th
EPTN Meeting 
Thursday 28th
UCLH PBT Site Visit 
During ENLIGHT Meeting on Tuesday

Local Organising Committee


Richard Amos, Simon Jolly, Gary Royle.

Local Support

Kate Ricketts, Stacey Holloway, Laurent Kelleter, Anastasia Basharina-Freshville, Megan Wilson, Mohini Nair

Training Day

Clinical Proton Delivery: How to design a PBT centre

Organiser: Kate Ricketts, Stacey Holloway.

Monday 25th June, 09.30–18.00

Location: Cruciform Lecture Theatre

  • Commercial vendors: Varian (TPS software and equipment hardware)

Training Day ENLIGHT 2018

8.30am - 9am Registration and coffee


9.00 – 9.30 am (including Q&A) Lecture 2: Clinical Oncologist – Potential of protons (Yen-Ching Chang)

9.30 – 10.30am (including Q&A) Lecture 1: Technology and infrastructure of a clinical proton therapy centre (Richard Amos)

10.30-11.00am COFFEE

Workshop 1 11.00-12:30 Design and build of UCH Proton Centre (UCLH led session, Tahir Ahmed, Paulina Zakrzewska, Bouygues)

Learning outcome: Understanding the unique requirements in terms of architecture, build and infrastructure of a clinical proton therapy centre. Learning objectives: 1. Architectural insights from UCLH experience 2. Build techniques deployed at the UCH centre, BIM modelling 3. Infrastructure requirements for a clinical centre

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

Workshop 2 13:30 – 15:15 Proton treatment planning (Varian led session, Computer Cluster room) Learning outcome: understanding the difference in planning evaluation of protons compared to x-rays Learning objectives: 1. Impact and handling of range uncertainty 2. CTV optimisation vs PTV optimisation: Robust optimisation 3. Robust evaluation: Matthew Lowe (Manchester)?

15:15 – 15:30 COFFEE

Workshop 3 15:30 - 17:15 Clinical Trials in Proton Therapy (CTRAD led session, Johnny Lee) Learning outcome: Design, implementation and assessment of proton clinical trials Learning Objectives: 1. Design and challenges of proton vs photon trials 2. Patient perspective – PPI rep of CTRAD 3. Understanding the role of quality assurance – RTTQA. Output data variance, Johnny to bring previous data. 4. Big data platforms / evaluation

17:15-17:30 Wrap up

17:30 CLOSE

To do:

  • Stacey email Varian, CTRAD
  • Kate email Yen, Richard and Tahir Ahmed/Paulina Zakrzewska/Bouygues
  • Mohini: book lecture theatre and cluster rooms. — ✓ — Mohini Nair has booked Christopher Ingold Building G20, Cruciform Building B1.15A, Foster Court B29 and Gordon Street (25) 105 Public Clusters for 12.00–16.00 for Monday 25th.


Tuesday 26th–Wednesday 27th June, 09.00–18.00

Location: Cruciform Lecture Theatre


Each session approx. 2 hours with a 1 hour discussion session scheduled for before lunch.

Tuesday 26th

09:00-09:30 Welcome
09:30–11:00 Dosimetry Session
11:00–11.30 Coffee
11:30–12:30 Imaging Session pt.1
12:30–14:30 Lunch / Site Visits
14:30–15:30 Imaging Session pt.2
15:30–16:00 Coffee
16:00–18:00 Patient Selection Session

Wednesday 27th

09:00–11:00 Light Ions Session (including Treatment possibilities and limitations with fixed beamlines)
11:00–11:30 Coffee
11:30–12:45 Immunotherapy Session
12:45–14:00 Lunch
14:00–15:00 Poster prize winners session.
15:00–15:30 Coffee
15:30–17:30 Paediatrics Session
17:30–18:00 ENLIGHT 2019 Announcement and Close

Tuesday 26th June

Location: Cruciform Lecture Theatre

09:00–09:30: Welcome

Organiser: SJ

  • 9:00 - 9:10: Welcome and Introduction: Manjit Dosanjh & UCL
  • 9:10 - 9:30: Ran Mackay (The Christie): Update on the UK proton service — Richard has invited - waiting to confirm

09:30–11:00: Dosimetry

Organiser: SJ

  • Chairs: Giuseppe Schettino, Ana Lourenco (both confirmed)
  • Hugo Palmans (MedAustron/NPL): Overview (30 mins) — Richard tentatively confirmed 10/04/18: waiting on travel arrangements...
  • Simona Giordanengo (Torino): New on-line beam monitoring detectors (15 mins) — Confirmed
  • Russell Thomas (NPL): NPL Dosimetry and MeMPhys (15 mins) — Simon invited 28/03/18
  • Simon Jolly (UCL): Water Equivalent Range Calorimeter (15 mins) — Confirmed
  • Roger Harrison (University of Newcastle): The EURADOS working group activity on dosimetry in radiotherapy (suggested) (15 mins) — Accepted but wants travel & accommodation paid...


  • Stuart Green - IPEM code of practice.
  • Liverpool (Carsten Welsch/Jacinta Yap) - LHCb VELO for halo monitoring.

11.00–11.30: Coffee

11.30–12.30: Imaging Session 1

Organiser: GR

  • Chairs: David Hawkes, Catarina Veiga — Gary needs to confirm
  • Richard Amos (UCL): Clinical overview of significance of imaging — Confirmed
  • Katia Parodi (LMU): CBCT for adaptive ion beam therapy — Confirmed
  • Joao Seco (HIT): Topic needed — Gary to invite?
  • Hugo Bouchard (Montreal): Dual energy CT — Gary to invite?
  • Christopher Kurz (LMU): Topic needed — Attendance confirmed?
  • Antje Knopf (Groningen): Topic needed — Gary to invite?
  • Simon Rit (Creatis, Lyon): Pre-treatment imaging? — Gary to invite?
  • MRI-Linac speaker from ICR, London — Gary to invite?
  • Denis Dauvergne (Grenoble): On line QC of the patient treatment — Will invite if space in schedule


  • Hsiao-Ming Lu (MGH) - good but unlikely to come without budget - State of the art from a clinical perspective.
  • Andy Boston - Prompt gamma.

12.30–14.30: Lunch and Visits to UCLH PBT Site

14.30–15.30: Imaging Session 2

15.30–16.00: Coffee

16:00–18:00: Patient Selection

Organiser: RA

  • Chairs: Stephanie Combs, Ed Smith (Stephanie confirmed)
  • Adrian Crellin (Leeds): UK overview — Richard invited - waiting to confirm
  • Stephanie Combs: Topic needed — Will talk and chair?
  • Karen Kirkby (Manchester): Christie patient selection inc. MALTHUS — Richard invited - waiting to confirm
  • Cai Grau (Aarhus, Denmark): Selection of candidates for proton therapy in a national multidisciplinary setting - the Danish experience — Manjit confirmed

Retreatment/Re-irradiation Panel Discussion:

  • Bleddyn Jones (Oxford): Clinical Radiobiology of CNS Re-treatments with Photon or Particle Therapy — Confirmed
  • Juliette Thariat (Caen, Baclesse and ARCHADE): Clinical importance of re-irradiation, a trial proposal — Jacques Balosso confirmed
  • Piero Fossati (MedAustron): Particle therapy as a substitute for photons, BSC or surgery ? — Will talk and chair ? if needed yes, if we have a substitute I can do just one of the two


  • Holland - Dutch patient selection process.
  • Bleddyn Jones
  • Retreatment and clinical trials.

Wednesday 27th June

Location: Cruciform Lecture Theatre

09:00–11:00: Light Ions

Organiser: SJ

  • Chairs: Stuart Green, Suzie Sheehy (both confirmed)
  • Radhe Mohan (MD Anderson): Medical Physics overview (15 mins) — Richard confirmed
  • Jurgen Debus (HIT): Results from HIT (20 mins) — Manjit confirmed
  • Roberto Orecchia (CNAO): Results from CNAO (20 mins) — Manjit confirmed
  • Emanuele Scifoni (TIFPA): Comparison of treatment plans with different light ions (20 mins) — Marco confirmed
  • Maurizio Vretenar (CERN): PIMMS2 Study (15 mins) — Manjit confirmed

Panel Discussion: Treatment possibilities and limitations with fixed beamlines


  • Markus Stock/Claus Schmitzer (MedAustron) - Status of MedAustron carbon line.
  • Lanzhou (expensive...).
  • Someone to speak on economics of ion beams.

11:00–11:30: Coffee

11:30–12:45: Proton Immunotherapy Session

Organiser: GR.

  • Chair: Rikky Sharma (Gary to confirm), 1 other chair required (Gary to invite) How about Jacques Balosso? SJ: would prefer female co-chair. Rita Engenhart-Cabillic (Marburg) has been invited by Manjit
  • Sergio Quesada (UCL): Immuno synergies with radiation — Gary to invite?
  • Samuel Valable (Jacques Balosso): Observation of Immunological responses to different ions — Jacques confirmed
  • Marco Durante (CNAO): Are particles more effective than X-rays in combined immunotherapy treatments? — Marco confirmed

More speakers needed...

12.45–14.00: Lunch

14.00–15.00: Poster Prize Winners Session

15.00–15.30: Coffee

15:30–17:30: Paediatric Session

Organiser: RA

  • Chairs: Mark Gaze, Jenny Gains (UCLH) (both confirmed)
  • Yen-Ch'ing Chang (UCLH): Paediatric patient selection — Richard confirmed
  • Klaus Trott (UCL?): Biological rationale for PBT treatment, neutron dose — Gary to invite?
  • David Grosshans (MD Anderson): Clinical case studies and outcomes for paediatrics — Richard confirmed.
  • Sabina Vennarini (Trento): Paediatric experience at Trento — Marco confirmed


  • Case studies from European centres with treatment experience.

Define Panel Discussion

17:30–18:00: ENLIGHT 2019 Announcement and Close

Organiser: SJ

  • Jacques Balosso: ENLIGHT 2019 Announcement in Caen — Confirmed
  • Manjit Dosanjh: ENLIGHT 2018 Close — Confirmed

EPTN Meeting

Location: AV Hill Lecture Theatre

Thursday 28th June, 10:00–16:30

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