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Connecting HV to DAQ Laptop

  • The DAQ Laptop (hep-pool-12) or the DAQ Windows 10 Desktop PC are required to run the HV software GECO, with the necessary drivers installed.
  • Turn the laptop/Desktop DAQ PC on.
  • Connect the HV using either the grey or black USB cable (both have been tested and work) to the middle USB port on the left of the DAQ laptop or any port on the Desktop DAQ PC.
  • Turn on the HV unit.
  • On the DAQ laptop or Desktop DAQ PC, go to:
    • Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> View devices and printers to check the COM Port address of the HV unit (displayed as an unidentified device).
    • open the device properties (double click)->Hardware->Properties->Port Settings to see (Bits per second, Data bits, ...)
  • On the DAQ laptop open the "GECO" software.
    • Update the COM Port address if need be and connect.
  • On the DAQ PC open the “GECO” software.
    • assign a supply name, if not there;
    • Power Supply Type: NIM/DESKTOP HV;
    • Connection Type: VCP USB;
    • Port: COM3; Baud: 9600; Data: 8; Stop: 1; Parity: None; LBus Adds: 0
  • On the HV unit itself, from the main menu go to "Board" and change the "Control" to "Remote". Then turn the switch of the HV channel being used to "on".

You should now be able to control and monitor the HV remotely.

  • To turn ON the HV:
    • Use Ch0 (pre-set parameters)
    • Make sure the switch on the HV module is ON for that specific channel
    • Select Interlock Close (Right-hand side of Caen software).
    • Turn ON Pw

On the DAQ PC a connection can be estabilished via ethernet using the terminal emulator TeraTerm or GECO

  • to check/assign the IP
    • pen TeraTerm with the HV connected via USB
    • select Serial and check the Port
    • on the emulator type CAEN
    • will open a screen with the terminal board menu
    • type E to check or set the IP
    • save (type S) and quit (type Q)
  • To connect via ethernet using TeraTerm
    • select TCP7IP
    • service Telnet
    • TCP port 1470
    • Protocol IPv4
  • To connect via ethernet using GECO
    • power supply type NIM/DESKTOP
    • connection type TCP/IP
    • IP address
    • LBus Addr 0
  • ssh is not supported. You can use your mac OS, but using Telnet (telnet IP)
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