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Long BNC signal cables have been shown to have an impact on the signal recorded. In order to avoid this problem a network allowing remote access to the DAQ laptop (used to control the High Voltage (HV) and the digitiser) and the oscilloscope has been set up using two Linksys AC1900 dual band routers. The routers are labelled "Experimental Room" (Linksys 14941) and "Control Room" (Linksys 14483).

The DAQ laptop (hep-pool-12) and the LeCroy oscilloscope can be controlled via Windows Remote Desktop. Make sure the DAQ laptop and the oscilloscope have remote control access enabled (Settings: Remote control). The controlling computer needs Windows Remote Desktop installed. There can be more than one controlling computer in order to have the HV and scope displayed on different screens for easy monitoring and access. In order to remotely control the DAQ laptop, follow these steps:

  • Turn on and log into (important particularly for the oscilloscope which won't allow a remote connection before a first login) the DAQ laptop, the oscilloscope and the controlling computers.
  • Connect all relevant cables, using the normal ethernet ports on the routers (not the WAN port):
    • Oscilloscope (top ethernet port) -> Experimental Room router (via 5 m ethernet cable)
    • DAQ laptop -> Experimental Room router (via 5 m ethernet cable)
    • Experimental Room router -> Control Room router (via long flat ethernet cable)
    • Controlling computer 1 ->Control Room router (via 5 m ethernet cable)
    • Controlling computer 2 ->Control Room router (via 5 m ethernet cable)
  • Check that the DAQ laptop is connected to the router:
    • Control Panel-> View Network Status and Tasks
  • Open Microsoft Remote Desktop on your computer and start a session (either new or existing). Fill in the following details:
    • Connection name: something relevant to the DAQ laptop or the oscilloscope, but can be anything you choose
    • PC name:The IP address of the DAQ laptop and the oscilloscope. These have both been set to have static IP addresses:
      • DAQ laptop IP address:
      • Oscilloscope IP address:
      • DAQ desk PC IP address:
      • DAQ mac laptop PC IP address: (using office network Check with ipconfig -all

Note that if it is necessary to check the IP addresses (for example, if adding anything else onto the network), then:

  • On the DAQ laptop (< Windows 10):
    • Navigate to: Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center
    • Right click on "Local Area Connection" of the router
    • Select "Properties"
    • Select "Details": IPv4 address is here
  • On the DAQ PC (Windows 10):
    • Right click on windows symbol in lower left corner
    • Select "Network connections"
    • Select "View you network properties"
    • IPv4 address is here
  • Or find the IP address by accessing the router:
    • Go to in a browser
    • The password to access the router is: admin
    • Navigate to "devices", which displays everything connected to the network with its IP address

    • Gateway: select "No gateway configured"
    • User name:
      • DAQ laptop: hep
      • Oscilloscope: LeCroyUser
    • Password: the DAQ laptop and oscilloscope passwords
    • Resolution: select "Native"
    • Colors: select "High Color (16 bit)"
    • Full screen mode: select "OS X native"
  • Start the connection by either selecting the relevant session and clicking "start" or double clicking the relevant session
  • Common troubleshoot: If your computer doesn't connect, try a different port for the ethernet cable or turn WIFI off and back on again

In order to access a shared folder on the DAQ laptop (currently shared folder is PBTData):

  • On a mac, go to: Finder
  • Go (across the top menu)
  • Connect to Server: Select: smb://HEP-POOL-12/ (name of DAQ laptop)
  • Connect

In order to access a shared folder on the DAQ PC (currently shared folder is digiCamControl):

  • On a mac, go to: Finder
  • Go (across the top menu)
  • Connect to Server: Select: smb://BN16180400 (name of DAQ PC)
  • Connect

If you need to set up a new shared folder on a Windows pc follow the instructions on this website:

Quick guide:

  • Enable file sharing in a private network in Settings: Network and Internet: Sharing options
  • Make the folder sharable in "properties" of the folder you want to share
  • Try disable firewall if connection fails in Settings: Network and Internet: Windows Firewall
  • Connect to windows pc/laptop as described above
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